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    09.14.15 @ 06:49 PM
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    All right, assuming Van Halen reunites with Dave (and that's a GIGANTIC "if" at this point), why is everybody so convinced it won't be a success? I'm seeing a lot of "They won't sell out, nobody cares" What are you people, concert promoters? Sure, the '96 thing was bad but will it sink them? Hell no! People always have nostalgia, if it goes on the road and it looks it's going to last, people will turn out in droves. Consider the following artists/bands that have had ridiculously successful reunion tours:

    Springsteen: This dude was a total fucking joke in the 90's. People laughed at that shit he wrote for "Philadelphia" and "Jerry Maguire." He reunited and it was huge. The facts: His career was in A LOT worse shape than VH's when it came back.

    Fleetwood Mac: None existant for years and with the exception of Stevie, the rest of the band did nothing notable but they came back and did a huge tour.

    Kiss: Other than Revenge and Lick It Up, people laughed REALLY hard at these guys after the makeup came off. And even Revenge and Lick It Up weren't that huge compared to their old stuff. But they reunited and did huge business.

    The Eagles: Other than Don Henley and Joe Walsh, those other solo careers were lukewarm at best but they came back, did a big tour and charged $80 a pop to boot.

    See my point? Why wouldn't VH rise above what these lesser (IMO) artists have done? I can't think of anybody that would boycott a ticket because of the MTV VMA's. Give me a fucking break!!!! Any other thoughts?

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    Closing due to double post.



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