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    Default 5150III settings

    Hey guys. Odd question but do any of you all know any settings or ideas or use it yourself as to how to get the settings of say a fender deluxe reverb out of a 5150-3 combo? I've been toying with the idea of breaking down and buying a deluxe reverb but then I kinda think to myself, hey this an Evh amp, I should be able to get any sound I want. I'm running into trouble I guess trying to figure out what channel would give me the best results. I'm kinda wanting that sweet, mellow don felder tone like he had on some of his non lead work. Like one of my favorite tones of his is this song;

    I like the tone of the last part of the song. Where it seems like the amp is almost breaking up.

    I know it's an odd question but if I can avoid spending 1000 bucks I'd like to.

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    Default 5150III settings

    Green channel is your best bet. If the style of breakup isn't cooperating with your set up then a pedal into the green channel would probably get you closer. One of the best things about the 5150iii amps is how well the green channel takes pedals!



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