Hi all,

One of the few listenable, surviving local rock stations over here in Germany, Gong 97.1, recently introduced their project for putting together 'the longest rock song'. The best part is: every musician who wants to can join in .

The station is great and does their part in regularly playing VH as well (and not just "Jump" if I may add).

Below is some information from their website on what they are planning and how to pitch in (http://www.gong971.de/gong971.de/ind...388&classid=48). Don't have any decent recording equipment anymore, but I plan to add my 20+ seconds of percussions and drums to level out any of the usual guitar wailing madness.


Attention musicians and bands!

„The longest rock song of all time“! That's our idea and you can become part of it and write rock history with us!
Following the neutral and unpolitical slogan „Make Rock Not War“ we want to make a big gesture and share one language. Music and Rock!
This is a shout-out to all bands and musicians worldwide who read this, or hear about it, or read it somewhere else… whatever! We are serious about this, so please help us and spread this! THX!

Danny, Chris and Guido from the Gong-Team have recorded a short rock song. With video and sound (which you can see below). Simply 40 seconds of straight rock.

And now it's your turn!
Your task is to play the next 20-40 seconds. No matter with which instrument or whether you're alone, a pair, a trio, a band or an orchestra. Everything is welcome!
Film it and send us the video-file. Everything from studio-quality to smart phone is allowed, as long as it isn't over-amplified, except if you like to use lots of distortion of course!

Important are video and sound!

We'll collect your material until the end of March. All submissions together will become the longest rock song of all time in video and sound!

The only requirement is that it has to fit together with our rock piece, no matter whether the speed is doubled, tripled, quadrupled or even slowed down, as long as the master clock stays the same.
It would be best if you ended abruptly, in order for us to be able to just fluidly attach other pieces.

You can see the video, the starting piece from Chris (git), Guido (dr) and Danny (bass), here.

The best and easiest way to send us your recording is through wetransfer.com.
Simply open the side, select us with studio@Gong971.de as recipient, upload and done!

We'll keep you posted all the time through our facebook-page and of course there'll be updates here, and we'll also present the newest submission to you on Air.
Let's go! Let us go down in rock-history! RnR! … and maybe it'll become an unforgettable movie...