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    Default AC/DC Giant Dose of Rock n Roll Tour Flac SB

    1977-02-14 Adelaide, Sa Australia, Flac
    Bon owned this early show!!!!!


    Download Here;

    For the song, see Let There Be Rock (song).

    "Bad Boy Boogie" redirects here. For the Mötley Crüe song of the same name, see Bad Boy Boogie (Mötley Crüe song).

    Let There Be Rock


    Studio album by AC/DC

    21 March 1977

    January–February 1977, Albert Studios, Sydney, Australia

    Hard rock, blues rock, rock and roll, boogie

    40:19 (Australian)
    41:01 (International)


    Harry Vanda, George Young

    AC/DC chronology

    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
    (1976) Let There Be Rock
    (1977) Powerage

    Australian edition

    Singles from Let There Be Rock

    1."Dog Eat Dog"
    Released: 21 March 1977
    2."Let There Be Rock"
    Released: 30 September 1977 (UK)
    31 October 1977 (AUS)
    3."Whole Lotta Rosie"
    Released: June 1978 (UK)
    November 1978 (AUS)

    Let There Be Rock is an album by Australian hard rock band AC/DC. It was the band's third internationally released studio album and the fourth to be released in Australia. All songs were written by Angus Young, Malcolm Young and Bon Scott. It was originally released on 21 March 1977 in Australia on the Albert Productions label. A modified international edition was released on 25 July 1977 on Atlantic Records.
    Download Here;

    By 1977, AC/DC had become extremely successful in their native Australia and had also achieved a degree of popularity in the U.K. and Europe, largely on the strength of their pulverizing live show. However, Atlantic Records in the United States had rejected the band's third album Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, feeling the production was not up to par, and the band, which had yet to tour America, returned to Albert Studios in Sydney to record another album. From the beginning, it appears they intended to make a statement, with guitarist Angus Young telling VH1's Behind the Music in 2000, "Me and Malcolm said, 'Well, we really want a lot of guitars,' you know? Big guitars." The band's first album released in Australia, High Voltage, had contained glam-rock elements, while their ensuing releases had been recorded piecemeal as the group toured incessantly and were also altered for international release. Let There Be Rock, on the other hand, was recorded in one go and represented a major evolution in the band's sound, with many critics and fans citing it as the first true AC/DC album; in his book Highway to Hell: The Life and Times of AC/DC Legend Bon Scott, author Clinton Walker observes, "Let There Be Rock was the first fully rounded AC/DC album. The band had finally found itself."

    Let There Be Rock was produced by the production team of George Young and Harry Vanda, who had been at the helm of the band's previous albums (George is the older brother of Angus and Malcolm). According to Murray Engelheart's band memoir AC/DC: Maximum Rock & Roll, the album was completed in roughly a two week time frame and featured a new approach to recording:
    Malcolm had noticed that some rock acts, particularly those on the American stadium circuit, had realized the power to be had in slightly longer songs and tapping into extended solos and general guitar hijinks...the temptation to show the competition - the emerging punks on one hand and American soft rock on the other - how rock and roll was really done was too much...The studio set-up at Albert's was perfect for what was planned. All the amps were in the same room as the drums, which were positioned in the corner. The guitar sound spilt over into the vocal and drum microphones so a perfect precision recording was difficult, but that was part of the charm.
    The result was a sonic assault that was far beyond anything the band had produced before in the studio. The band replicates its live sound, with literally explosive results; as recounted in Clifton Walker's Highway to Hell, one of the most oft-repeated stories concerning AC/DC's studio methods emanates from these sessions: Angus's smoking amp during the recording of the title track. As he was overdubbing the guitar solo, his amp began to fuse out and smoke began to fill the studio. George Young gestured wildly from behind the desk to keep going. "There was no way," Walker quotes the producer, "we were going to stop a shit-hot performance for a technical reason like amps blowing up!" In a 1991 interview with Guitar World, Angus recalled, "The album on which we got to do the most guitar stuff was probably Let There Be Rock. Throughout that album, there are many guitar solos and many breaks. I really like some of them very much. The song "Let There Be Rock" was unusual for me. I remember my brother, George, saying in the studio, 'C'mon Ang, let's get something different here'...I had great deal of fun on that whole album. On the last track, I remember the amp blowing up at the end. I said, 'Hey, the speakers are going!' You could see it in the studio, there was all this smoke and sparks, and the valves were glowing. He kept yelling at me, 'Keep playing, keep playing!'"
    Download Here;
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