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    Default Van Halen- Blastin"

    The Seventh Seal 5:44
    Ain't Talking 'bout Love 3:59
    Right Now 6:43
    You Really Got Me 2:58
    When It's Love 5:20
    Jump 5:06
    The Seventh Seal 6:26
    Big FAT Money 3:50
    Finish What Ya STARTED 5:59
    Eruption / Why Can't This Be Love 6:22
    Feelin' 6:13
    Right Now 5:54
    Dreams 4:49

    Total Time - 69:23

    Download Here;


    The music on this disc comes from 3 seperate sources. Tracks 1-6 were recorded on 24th June 1995 at Wembley Stadium, London, England. Tracks 7-12 were recorded on 11th March 1995 in Pensacola, Florida. (the ARTWORK says track 13 was also from Pensacola, but it is not, see below)
    The packaging INFORMS us that the disc was manufactured in the Czech Republic.
    The CD packaging is of outstanding quality and is professionally done. The front cover shows a large picture of Ed playing his sunburst Peavey 5150 guitar, with a faded picture of the entire band in the top right corner. The back cover contains three smaller photos, plus all the track details. There is a also a six page booklet within the cover, containing some high quality photos and details of all the dates which made up the "Balance Ambulance" tour.
    Tracks 1-6 are exactly the same as those which appear on Disc 2 of "Rocks the Beer Hall" (Tracks 6-11). These tracks were recorded as Van Halen supported Bon Jovi during the 1995 tour. Other bands that played that day included Thunder.
    Tracks 1-6 were recorded by BBC Radio 1 in the United Kingdom, and were eventually aired on John Cavanagh's "Radio 1 Rock Show" in early 1996. Due to the high quality sound of the disc, it is unlikely that these tracks are taken from that radio source, but rather from the original soundboard recording. These tracks are stereo.
    The Wembley Stadium recording is from the soundboard and is superb, certainly comparable to that on the "Secret Gig 1995" disc. Mixing on this set is excellent also, with Ed's guitar dominating the mix, Mike's bass booming, and Sammy sounding as good as ever. Unfortunately, Al's drums are somewhat buried in the mix, however they are still audible.
    Tracks 7-12 of the disc is also from the soundboard, but is different to the recording also AVAILABLE on "Random Shot". The sound is of high quality, but it's limitations are exposed by the quality of the Wembley recording. These tracks are mono.
    Track 7, "The Seventh Seal", is preceeded by an introduction for the band by Jon Stewart.
    Track 12, "Right Now", BEGINS abruptly without the normal intro.
    Track 13, "Dreams", is the full version of the song, which was edited when first aired for MTV's "Spring Break" concert. However, this song is not from the Pensacola show. It is instead a mono version of the live track from the 2 CD RH:RN release.
    Overall, a must-have release. However, if you are solely INTERESTED IN the March 11th concert, you would be wiser to persue the "Random Shot" boot.

    Download Here;

    The Balance Tour was a concert tour by hard rock Van Halen promoting their album Balance. It was dubbed the "Ambulance" Tour by Eddie Van Halen due to his hip injury caused by avascular necrosis, and his brother, drummer Alex Van Halen wearing a neck brace for most of the tour, due to rupturing three vertebrae in his neck. Consequently, Eddie was a lot more static on stage. This would be the group's last tour with Sammy Hagar on vocals until 2004, when he briefly rejoined the band for a summer tour. The opening night in Pensacola, and a combination of footage from the two Toronto shows were broadcast on Pay-Per-View.

    The band had not performed any shows as an opening act in over a decade, but opened for veteran act Bon Jovi for several dates at stadiums on this tour due to Bon Jovi's huge appeal overseas. Skid Row, Our Lady Peace,and Collective Soul opened for Van Halen on the North American leg of the tour.

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    I have it on cd. One of my fave bootlegs.
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