Today in Omaha on Z-92 Todd N Tyler the radio station's morning guys interviewed Dave about his upcoming show at the Z-92 Birthday Bash on Aug. 18 at Levi Carter Park.
It sounded much like an interview I read about here done by some dudes on a morning show in K.C. He had an acoustic and kept singing Ice Cream Man during the interview, it sounded like a sound check or something. One of the guys asked Dave about getting back with Van Halen and Dave said something like "Eddie is sick and when he gets better he may just catch up with the Van Halen boys one day." Don't quote me on what he said because i can't remember exactly, but from the tone of his voice and the way he said it it was like he was saying "fuckhead Edward says he is sick but i don't beleive him, and i don't know what the fuck is up with the reunion"IMO Anyway you can visit the stations web site at I could'nt find a copy of the interview there, but if you listen to the live link you will eventually hear the promo for the birthday bash that includes a large clip of this morning's interview w/Dave. [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]