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    05.24.18 @ 06:47 AM
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    Default I have a month off from college, I'm going to spend that month learning Fair Warning

    My goal is by January 11th I will be able play through the entirety of Fair Warning. I'm not saying I'm going to master the album and get every little nuisance in a month, but I'm going to get it to a decent level. I've made this post to document my experience trying to get through this. Right now, the only track I can play through completely is Unchained. I'm going to try and make a list ordering the track list by complexity. I'll be using my trusty, usually correct, "The Ultimate Song Pages, Van Halen Complete Guitar Tab, A to Z" that includes everything before ADKOT with the exception of You're No Good.

    From most difficult to easiest:
    1. So This is Love
    2. One Foot Out the Door
    3. Push Comes to Shove
    4. Hear About it Later
    5. Sinner's Swing!
    6. Dirty Movies
    7. Mean Street
    8. Unchained
    9. Sunday Afternoon in the Park

    You could probably flip SS, DM, and MS around.

    Okay, so what I know already/progress will be here.
    Red is no knowledge
    Orange is little knowledge
    Yellow is know excluding guitar solo
    Green is complete

    1. So This is Love
    2. One Foot Out the Door
    3. Push Comes to Shove
    4. Hear About it Later
    5. Sinner's Swing!
    6. Dirty Movies
    7. Mean Street
    8. Unchained
    9. Sunday Afternoon in the Park

    At the end I'll try and do a video, maybe in one session all at once. If you would like to tweak the order of song difficulty please comment. I have not yet figured out a order inwhich I will be playing through. Probably the best bet is to work on two at a time, to not get burned out on one song.
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    05.24.18 @ 03:00 PM
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    That's a lofty goal, bro!!!
    Fair Warning is a guitar player's wet dream type of album. Good luck with your dismantling & learning of all those awesome parts!

    Very interested in seeing a video clip.
    "There's too many people on this basketball that's floating around the sun, who are too afraid to allow themselves to FEEL" - Edward Van Halen
    "Van Halen was never about the singer..." - a very wise fan.
    "Embrace the past. Live in the moment but keep your eyes on the future, and keep on moving forward..." - Richie Sambora

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