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    Default Adult Movie Sounds Played Over Intercom at California Target Store

    What a crazy prank:

    Family-friendly Target became NSFW on Wednesday when porn started playing over the intercom at a store in California.
    Gina Young was shopping at a Target in Campbell, California, with her twin boys when the X-rated audio started blaring over loudspeakers.
    “What is going on at Target right now?!” Young exclaims in a video she made of the incident, while sounds of a woman moaning play in the background.
    Some good Samaritans helped Young cover her twins’ ears, but other customers were upset with the naughty noisemaking.
    “Some people threw things down and walked out,” Young said. “Others were yelling at employees. Lots of people taking videos. Crazy!!!”
    “Employees ran all around the store picking up and hanging up the store’s phones,” trying to turn off the intercom, Young said. The tactic worked for a couple of minutes, but then the porn started playing again.
    The audio played for around 15 minutes before the moans were finally silenced for good, witnesses said on social media.

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    Wow!! Someones got stones to pull off that prank.
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