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    05.16.18 @ 11:48 AM
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    Default NYPD uses secret X-ray vans with ability to see through automobiles

    Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was asked Tuesday about the counter-terror vehicles, called Z Backscatter Vans, in light of the NYCLU’s request to file an amicus brief arguing that the NYPD should have to release records about the X-ray vans.

    “They’re not used to scan people for weapons,” Bratton insisted. “The devices we have, the vehicles if you will, are all used lawfully and if the ACLU and others don’t think that’s the case, we’ll see them in court — where they’ll lose! At this time and the nature of what’s going on in the world, that concern of theirs is unfounded.”

    He declined to give more specific details about the devices themselves.
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    05.21.18 @ 06:30 PM
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    The fourth amendment has been so trashed and ignored that we might as well repeal it. The left thinks corporations aren't people, so they already think that the fourth amendment doesn't apply to them. That means they believe in unfettered and warrantless access to businesses, as well as seizures of their papers and effects.

    No one seems to really care too much about warrantless spying on Americans, nor the collection of metadata. Law enforcement uses devices called Stingrays which fake your cell phone into thinking it is communicating with a cell tower, and the police can know the location and movement of every cell phone in the area, warrantless, of course. Some Stingrays can even tap into you cell phone conversations.

    These x-ray vans have been around for over 5 years, but it's apparent no one cares, because this can be reported as "news" even though reports go back years on these things. This is also the city with stop and frisk or whatever it is. We've already accepted this as practice in airports, so why not everywhere else?

    Under the guise of getting drunk drivers off the road--which they don't do--we're okay with warrantless law enforcement checkpoints, and if you refuse to do what the cops ask--even if you have the right not to do it--you're an asshole.

    The party that is supposed to be against big government, the party that is supposed to apply the Constitution strictly, the Republicans, love the second amendment to the point of giving up zero ground, but when it comes to the fourth amendment, well, it shouldn't get in the way of 'keeping us safe,' so blatant, rampant violations of those rights just don't matter.

    As a strong proponent of individual rights, it's a fight that I just don't think is winnable anymore. Why are we pretending that we have this protection when it doesn't stop the government and the people don't care? Why are we pretending that we have this protection when invoking rights makes you an asshole? Even the Republicans I talk to say, "Hey, I haven't done anything wrong, so feel free to search me all you want."

    Let's be honest with ourselves and just repeal the fourth amendment. The third amendment should probably go as well, if that is the case. If we're putting safety above liberty, then we might as well give law enforcement the tools to do it right. Enter any house or business at any time to search. Stop any car for any reason and search it. Quarter law enforcement officers in homes against your will if we think you might be harboring illegal immigrants or involved in illegal activity. Allow spying on every American to make sure we are abiding by laws, and allow arrests and convictions based upon that evidence.

    I've recently spoken to several people, mostly Republicans, and they feel defeated too. I spend a lot of time arguing for individual liberty, and it falls on so many deaf ears. It's just not valued by a lot of Americans anymore. I know more people now in favor of increased socialism in this country than increased individualism. I know more people now who think repugnant speech is a form of violence, which means it should be punished. I know more people who want arms to only be in the hands of the government. I know more people who just don't care A) whether the government has the power to do something or B) how SCOTUS decided something, just care about the result.

    Today is one of those days where I just feel, "Fuck it, it ain't worth the energy. Just let it happen."
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    05.21.18 @ 06:18 PM
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    NYPD uses secret X-ray vans with ability to see through automobiles

    Oh that's nothing... when I was a kid, I had a pair of these x-ray glasses....

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