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    05.23.18 @ 04:56 PM
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    Default so Canadian linkers...what's the deal with getting Canadian cars licensed in Ohio?

    in Lucas county they had to put a halt to the practice because suddenly they were getting hundreds of requests daily to license a car owned by a Canadian and titled to a Canadian address to be licensed in ohio

    [B]Canadian cars make officials wary
    Clerk of courts seeks to end torrent of title requests from outside Ohio[B]

    A year after Lucas County Clerk of Courts Bernie Quilter got his first request to issue a title for a vehicle from Canada, he has slammed the brakes on what has grown into a deluge of over-the-border title requests.

    Although Mr. Quilter sought and received the go-ahead from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to issue Ohio titles for the vehicles from Canada, he and other clerks of courts say they sense something isn’t right.

    “We have never issued an Ohio title to a nonresident,” Mr. Quilter said.

    “You have to live in Ohio to get an Ohio title. Now we’re doing Canada addresses on an Ohio title. It makes no sense.”

    He took his concerns to Lucas County Prosecutor Julia Bates, who arranged a meeting with representatives of the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

    Robert Miller, chief of the prosecutor’s special units division, participated in the meeting, but declined to comment on the situation, other than to say that because of the interstate and international nature of the matter, it was turned over to federal investigators.

    Mr. Quilter said the county’s four title bureaus — downtown, Sylvania, Maumee, and Oregon — reached a point where they were being asked to process 300 to 500 auto titles from Canada in a single day.

    So recently, the offices began rejecting such requests unless the applicant could provide a bond release letter, which ensures the vehicle conforms with all federal motor vehicle safety standards required for importation to the United States.

    Last week, the BMV issued a directive to county clerks stating that “effective immediately,” the state will no longer accept inspections on vehicles from out of state seeking a title in Ohio unless the inspection is performed by a licensed motor vehicle dealer from Ohio, a deputy registrar from Ohio, or a Bureau of Motor Vehicles investigator.

    The inspections are done to verify a vehicle’s year, make, body type, model, and manufacturer’s serial number or vehicle identification number.

    While the influx of business from Canada increased revenues to the title office, Mr. Quilter said everything about the situation bothers him.
    “I worry about the public. I worry about what kind of vehicles these are. Are they salvage vehicles?” Mr. Quilter said. “I worry about the legality of it, and that’s why I’ve been challenging it.”

    Auto titles are transferred when a vehicle is sold either by a dealer or a private individual.

    The titles from Canada have been brought in primarily by auto brokers from Michigan and New York, said Pam Dillon, Mr. Quilter’s chief deputy. Presumably, she said, the vehicles are going to be sold at auction in the United States, although the BMV advised the county to issue titles “from Canadian to Canadian.”

    “In my mind, if it’s legitimate, take [the vehicles] to auction with the Canadian registration and paperwork that got the vehicle across the border and then [after the vehicle is sold] get the title work,” she said. “I don’t see why it’s being done like this. Why are we doing this?”

    Lindsey Bohrer, spokesman for the BMV, could not answer that or other questions about the situation.

    “We are aware of this and have talked to several clerks of courts regarding this issue,” she said in an email. “We are currently reviewing the issue as well as the applicable law and standards associated.”

    Bob Nichols, a spokesman for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, was not familiar with the practice and could not comment.
    In emails exchanged between Mr. Quilter and Teresa Johnson, chief of the BMV’s Title Support Section, Ms. Johnson assured Mr. Quilter as recently as Sept. 21 that state law did not prohibit a non-Ohio resident from getting an Ohio title.

    Bill Stewart, a licensed Ohio auto dealer who works for STX Truck Brokers, said in a phone interview that there’s nothing illegal about shipping vehicles from Canada to the United States, getting titles for them, and selling them in this country. It has become big business, he said, since the Canadian dollar weakened more than a year ago.

    “The Canadian dollar has become weaker, and the Canadian dealers are sending their cars en masse to auctions,” he explained. “When they sell their car and that car transposes back into U.S. money, they make 29 to 30 cents on each dollar when they take the money back to Canada.”

    He said it’s his understanding that the vehicles must be titled in this country for the auto auctions to sell them. Ohio is an ideal place to do that because it offers same-day turnaround time and a low $15 fee.

    Still, Mr. Quilter and other county clerks say they will err on the side of caution until they know that it’s OK for them to issue such titles.
    “Our question is not why are they doing it? Our question is, is it legal and what necessary paperwork do I need to have to process my title?” said Cindy Hofner, Wood County Clerk of Courts and president of the Ohio Clerk of Courts Association.

    Between May and August, Wood County issued approximately 500 of the titles, she said.

    Although Mr. Quilter did not have exact numbers of how many registrations from Canada Lucas County has processed, he said they account for the majority of the monthly increase his office experienced beginning in March. While the county had never processed more than 5,500 auto titles for casual used car sales in a single month, it processed 7,174 in March. It processed 8,312 in April, 7,145 in May, 8,368 in June, 9,045 in July, 9,722 in August, and a record 10,162 in September.

    While Lucas County has seen the most activity, likely because of its proximity to the Michigan border, clerks as far south as Athens County near the West Virginia border have gotten requests. In an Oct. 2 email exchanged with fellow clerks, Athens County Clerk of Courts Ann Trout said an import company had come to her office with 60 titles to process.

    She said she was “not comfortable” processing them so she consulted the county prosecutor, who told her not to process any until research was done. An investigator with the Ohio Highway Patrol looked over the paperwork and was not satisfied with it.

    “I spoke with [the investigator] this week and she said the import company has never called to ask for the documents back,” Ms. Trout wrote. “That is a giant red flag to me.

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    It's only for people that want to sell the car. Usually auction houses. They can't sell in the U.S. unless they have a U.S. title. This isn't Canadians choosing to get their title for their car in the U.S. That is highly illegal.
    Signature not currently available. You aren't missing much.

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    05.26.18 @ 07:26 AM
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    first i've heard of this. I've heard of people buying cars in the states and having them shipped over.

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    05.25.18 @ 11:06 AM
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    Quote Originally Posted by It's Mike View Post
    first i've heard of this. I've heard of people buying cars in the states and having them shipped over.
    I actually wanted to do this and looked into it a bit. Toyota made a few versions of the 4x4 Land Cruiser that were sold in Canada for a short time, but not the US. Toyota also sold Land Cruiser 4x4 truck versions to some Canadian mines. They are highly sought after in the off road/4wheeling community. They don't meet US safety regulations since they are hard core off road vehicles. They also come with the Toyota DIESEL engine that you cannot get in the US.

    You can also get Japanese/Australia only made trucks through Canada and then into the US.

    Turned out to be to much $$ for the import fees.



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