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    07.17.17 @ 02:12 PM
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    Default Great White Returns to New England for First Time Since 2003 Fire

    This Saturday, Great White is returning to New England for the first time since the Station nightclub fire in 2003 which killed 100 people and left countless others injured for life. I did a piece on it for Vanyaland, taking a balanced approach, interviewing Jack Russell, survivors, the brain-dead promoter (read the article and you'll see why) and others who were associated with the fire.

    I might be partial, but it's a pretty good read:

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    05.20.18 @ 08:40 AM
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    Good read. I did not know the band showed up 15 min before the show. I saw Joan Jett once in some crap hole place in PA around the same time and she drove up out back and went from a SUV right to the stage about 5 minutes from show time. I have sat thru my share of pryo shows and I always thought what if? I don't know if justice is ever served in these type of cases.
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    02.10.17 @ 02:20 AM
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    good piece... the vid of that whole event is one of the hardest things to watch. I noticed there's a couple of comments from guys who were there, and obviously it's not something they will forget

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    Seeing all that stuff on the news back when it happened was very disturbing to me. I think a lot of us thought the same thing, "That could've easily happened to me."

    It doesn't have to be a famous band either. Just going to a bar to watch a cover band, things can happen.
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