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    12.12.18 @ 12:34 AM
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    Dave has got to be ecstatic getting a little help on the energy side of things from Eddie.

    Personally, I think it's more than ok now for Wolf to open up a bit on stage and interact with Dave and his dad. He's more than earned his place there and would look just fine doing it. Imagine if all three were showing this kind of energy...oh wait, that'd be like pre-2000's Van Halen heh! DO IT!

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    05.24.16 @ 03:24 PM
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    I wish they would play FOOLS or TAKE YOUR WHISKEY HOME. Other than that, I think they sound good.

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    12.11.18 @ 10:34 PM
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    Not to beat a Dead Horse, but I just would like Dave to be proud enough of the lyrics he wrote, to sing them, or most of them.

    But I realize there are two Van Halens... the one on record, and the one in concert. And Dave is the only one that rubs me the wrong way live.

    But WoW !! It's so great to see Eddie and his brother still kickin' it after 40 years !!!!
    "The VH Universe is built on a wall that separates CVH from SVH. Tell either side there's no wall, you've bought a war. Or a slaughter." Lt. Joshi - LAPD



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