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    05.27.18 @ 12:52 PM
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    Default Walt Disney World Brawl

    The teen would not follow the orders of the Disney Employee.... Lifetime ban for that fucking bitch, imo. He would have had to "Mike Tyson" her to get her in line...
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    05.27.18 @ 01:50 PM
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    As a Disneyland annual passholder for just about 6 years now, I have never seen anything like this on the left coast in my roughly 150 visits over that time. I have seen people unhappy at cast members, but never really guests in line.

    The problem here is that it's incredibly inconvenient to do much about it. Disney would have to call the cops, but is Disney going to detain them until that happens? I suppose surrounding guests could give statements, but I don't pay much attention to what the people around me say. I would probably have no idea what the problem was.

    However, to me, you find whoever got physical first on security footage and you kick them out. From what I understand, both parties were released separately outside the ride. What happens when they cross paths elsewhere? It happens, even in a big place.

    The big thing, though, is what are you teaching your kids? What possibly could have happened to be worth fighting over?

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    05.26.18 @ 05:52 PM
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    I don't know, in this day, I think these parks should have better security. With this generation I'm surprised it doesn't happen a lot more.

    It's a good thing that by stander broke it up cuz Disney dude was gonna have trouble doing that himself.



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