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    12.23.16 @ 04:38 AM
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    Default Technology and The Mighty Van Halen

    Sometimes technology is pretty damn cool.

    I wanted to step over a line I usually don't cross and share a quick word about myself, this site and all you weird, Van Halen nerds that frequent it, especially the ones I consistently agree with. (Kidding)

    This is too much information, I know, but I've come to this site and Jeff's VHND site for years, although I used to generally avoid commenting and so didn't actually sign up for any account until around 2012.

    I've followed most every discussion and plied my two cents here and there. Overall, I've enjoyed the outlet.
    That being said, this year I've frequented both sites more than usual, in part because of headlines, tour, etc., but also because I've been in and out of hospitals with my dad and my wife regularly, as they're both apparently medical anomalies and have stumped doctors on a level that would make an excellent episode of House (the doctor show).

    Anyway, being in the hospital and waiting and waiting...and waiting, I've spent many hours on these sites—especially during my dad's surgery a few weeks back and my wife's surgery a few days ago.

    Last night was pretty neat as technology allowed me to stream a very good portion of what was arguably the best Van Halen show so far this year and read posts and comment along with all you other nuts while beside my wife's hospital bed.

    It was a great escape and like I said, pretty cool.

    So cheers guys and gals, Brett, Jeff, technology and Van Halen. I'm glad this site, VHND and my favorite band still exist and that last night some dude had the fortitude to hold a phone throughout the concert, instead of enjoying it and trying to find that chick Stacy...

    Side note: my wife is recovering nicely and is excited that we will be able to take a road trip to see the Mighty VH at RedRocks in a week.
    "I ain't complainin', you do the best with what you got."

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    05.22.18 @ 03:44 PM
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    Great post, bud. Technology can indeed be a pretty neat thing. As long as it doesn't supplant what is real in life. Sounds like you have your head on straight. So glad to hear your wife is recovering and you guys will be able to share more memories together. Cheers!

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