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    Default Watch the uncomfortable trailer for MTVís documentary, White People

    Posted July 8 2015 ó

    Discomfort has a name, and itís MTVís White People.

    The network is serious about its newest documentary from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, who won the prize for covering the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007. White People tackles the hot topic conversation of white privilege head-on in a special presentation borne out of MTVís Emmy-winning Look Different campaign.

    The doc premieres on July 22 on MTV and follows five young white people from around the country, exploring their notions of racial identity in modern America.

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    I don't give a shit what any race thinks about white people, our accomplishments/innovations/inventions/courage/faith have acheived everything this world has and I couldnt be prouder of us unless slavery never came around. Of course the Jews were originally enslaved by the Egyptians so slavery is not our fault, contrary to what our brothers of color may think.
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    racial identity? Geez. They make it sound like people with white Russian parents and people with Austrialian parents share the same beliefs and experiences because they happen to share the same skin colour.

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    I sat around one day wondering how the concept of "White privilege" isn't inherently racist. Just based purely upon my skin color, someone else can tell something about me, positive or negative? Isn't that the textbook definition of racism?

    I've told this story before, but I was told by a Black man with a PhD (his brother is a close friend, their mother my African American Lit prof as an undergrad) about acts of covert racism and how Whites tend to hand change directly to other Whites while putting the change on the counter for Blacks. I was working retail at the time. Of course, I only put change on the counter when I was working the store alone and there was a line and the person receiving the change was preoccupied and not paying attention.

    In a recent, separate conversation, a friend who teaches English at my old university, I mentioned this and she said that while it may be true that you weren't doing it from a racist perspective, we all have biases and that if a person believed I did it due to racism, that is their truth based on their perspective which I cannot judge.

    Well, why doesn't this then apply to White privilege? If I didn't experience privilege based upon my bias, how can you tell me I did? How does this not work both ways?

    Then, I remembered. Cultural Race Theory, the "new" definition of racism that universities across the country teach. Racism isn't individualized, it's societal, and it must have power. Since there is a White hegemony in the US, only White people, then, can be racist. We've seen this used with Black professors saying awful things about Whites, only to use the excuse that Whites hold all the power, so she can't be racist (I'd argue she holds all the power in her classroom, however, where her views actually count).

    So we have set this up now to say that only White people can be racist, and that then allows people to say that White people, across the board, have an experience that is better than Blacks no matter what, because if they had been Black, it would have been worse.

    Well, I think there is something more powerful than White privilege. American privilege. Our bottom quintile of earners, $12,500 per year, are richer than 2/3 of the rest of the world. Our poor are rich by global standards. $31,000 a year puts you in the richest 1% of the world, and the median household income in the US is $52,000. From the perspective of all humanity, aren't you better off as an American, then, even if you're Black?

    All this stuff does is DIVIDE us. It's like the WaPo article condemning comedians for making racial jokes. They even went so far as to say Amy Schumer's racial humor causes people like Dylann Roof to do what he did. Sorry, but if we can't laugh at each other, we can never be "equal."

    Sometimes I wonder if that's what people really want, equality. I sometimes think the only answer some secretly think is to eventually subjugate Whites.



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