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Thread: A Great Unknown

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    05.24.18 @ 03:12 PM
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    Default A Great Unknown

    He's not unknown in the UK but stil never recieved the acclaim I think he is due so I am guessing he's going to be even more unknown around the world. His debut album - [i]Beyond the Common Ground/i[] - is one of just one of three guitar instrumental albums I enjoy listening to from beginning to end.

    He is exceptionally tasty and in command of the guitar. He has great technique but there are no huge solos in his playing. His flash work tends to be placed out of the limelight - a run here, a quick fill there. To me he has a strong Vai-influence, especially with all his bar flutters and harmonies - but the greatest comliment I can give him is that I can't stand it when anyone else does this but love it when he does.

    His name is Jan Cyrka. Below are a few selected excerpts from the album including a live performance showcasing his control of dynamics, touch and technique (it takes 1 min 20 for the track to kick in proper but it's worth the wait).

    The Equaliser (uptempo blues)

    From Your Lips (ballad)

    Sitting on Eggs (happy, bouncy)

    His whole album is up on You Tube.

    My faves include Western Eyes (aggressve rocker) and In Search of Common Ground a majestic rocky ballad that reminds me of Vai's Liberty.
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    The Equaliser, Very Vai.
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