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    Default Ed's Yellow EBMM

    I've been debating changing out the "retooled" music man floyd on my tribute Axis I scored from Rick. I'm not in love with the weird term bar they use now and there doesn't appear to be an easy way to change it out with anything else.

    Anyway that got me into checking out Ed's prized yellow EBMM and the floyd. It appears though that Ed wasn't using that one live so much. The guitar on the cover of Guitar for TPM shows the small router ditch for the front of an original floyd to dip into when you dive, but I don't see that particular guitar in any live shots from 90-91ish? Any pics of him seem to be of a regular MM floyd sans route, but I can't see very clearly in any pics. Just a weird observation. Any thoughts or pics? I always assumed his yellow one was that first main one he built. They guitar might be different from FUCK vs LIVE 93' tour as well. (most pics I've ever seen were from the LIVE album tour).
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    It's the same guitar he used for most of his run with Music Man. When the guitar was originally built it had a Floyd Rose tremolo installed. That is why you see the route on his guitar. He later found out Floyd Rose had made a deal with Fender so he couldn't use them on his guitar, so he switched to Gotoh. The Gotoh bridge didn't need the route, so it was done away with on production guitars. His guitar and a few other prototypes had the route to keep the Floyd Rose from digging into the finish. I don't have any pics handy but they explain it here in this video of the Music Man vault.


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