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    02.17.19 @ 08:28 PM
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    Lets start imprisoning ConManís critics. This way he can show who the true Bigly boss he really is!! Itís a major FBI conspiracy against ConMan and his gerbils. Need to rid this from our country and have ConMan make all decisions final.

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    02.17.19 @ 09:37 PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by It's Mike View Post
    Market forces will impact immigration between Canada and the US. Not sure they're the same for third world countries in America. Opportunity and risk tolerance will drive that. And if you put up a wall and say no one gets in at this border then that dries up.
    What Iím saying is that if you look at it, thatís the only thing that has stopped it.

    If you look at border apprehensions, thereís a reason that graph starts when it does. It correlates with the end of the Bracero Program, which was roughly half a million, seasonal, legal workers coming into the US each year.

    The day we ended that program, guess what happened? It didnít miraculously stop. Those workers kept coming, just illegally. And it continued and continued.

    And what happened was that as we started cracking down at the border, which peaked in the late 90s, heavy-handed border policy had a large, unintended consequence: it caused those people who were making seasonal visits to work here to instead permanently stay. They still wanted the work, but crossing the border became too risky.

    So why the dramatic drop off since then? At first it was improvements to Mexicoís economy, which is a lot better than it was decades ago. But then you see the slide continue as the economic collapse was building. And ever since then, illegal immigration has gone from net positive to net neutral to now net negative.

    Obviously there are a lot of moving parts, but ultimately ending legalized work here started the illegal immigration problem, border crackdowns caused a seasonal problem to become permanent, and the rise of the Mexican economy as well as the tanking of ours brought illegal immigration numbers back down to the level of the Bracero era.

    Maybe ďmarket forcesĒ is a bad, catch-all phrase, but certainly, just as border patrol said until they changed their tune with Trump, a wall is only going to shift the problem elsewhere or create a new, unintended problem. Otherwise, our policies and the economy will dictate everything else, and you canít repeal the law of supply and demand.

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