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    03.31.20 @ 09:05 AM
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    Quote Originally Posted by Number 47 View Post
    Of course... 20/20 view.
    Funny thing is that CEO’s were trotted out earlier and nobody said shit about it.
    †"He has a swaggering retro machismo that will give hives to the Steinem cabal" -Camille Paglia on Donald Trump

    "But, fucking with Brook is like fucking with hot shit on and ax handle. You just don't get a grip"-track5

    "Make way for the bad guy"- Tony Montana

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    "My beef is people thinking Bon Jovi is good cuz they sold lots of records to housewives." -tango

    "But being number one doesnít really mean jack fuck all. We sold twice as many records as other records that year (1984) that landed in the Number One position." ~Eddie Van Halen

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    03.31.20 @ 09:04 AM
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    I was responding to the ridiculous idea someone posted about that petition to not air the briefings anymore. I believe we need to have them. But, if anything, I would suggest just sticking to the facts and information regarding the country and the virus. Then they, and everyone else, can get back to the important business at hand.



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