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    Default Annoying Harmonic Feedback Solved!

    I built this guitar and had a problem:

    Alder Strat body, Mighty Mite neck, Frankenstein Humbucker and a Super-Vee Bladerunner Tremolo. Simple, but very nice sounding combination.

    Everything sounded great, except on high gain when palm muting. I was getting i high end harmonic feedback. At first I thought it was the trem springs resonating, so I put foam between the springs and body to mute them. No dice.

    Next, I thought it might have been the pickup mounting springs reverberating between the pickguard and the pickup baseplate. I removed the pickguard and direct mounted the pickup to the body. The feedback was still there. By now, I'm starting to worry that it may be the pickup.

    Now, really confused, I set out to isolate exactly where this offensive sound was coming from. After a few minutes of palm-muting and getting the ringing to last long enough, I was able to isolate it to the G string. Since the same problem was present before I swapped the bridge out, knew it wouldn't be the bridge, so I looked at the other end of the guitar.

    I got the offensive ring to ring out a few more times, and then touched the G string on the other side of the nut on the headstock, and guess what, it killed it. My problem the whole time was the length of the G string between the tuning peg and the nut reverberating and creating the feedback. I threw one of my daughter's hair ties around the headstock to put light pressure on the strings on the backside of the nut, and problem solved.

    I'm thinking of maybe adding a roller string tree on the headstock for my D and G strings, or maybe switching to staggered tuners to get a bit of an angle on the G string. String tree is looking better, since it's a really cheap solution.
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    Sometimes it's those tiny little tricks/remedies that make all the difference!
    Glad you sorted out the issue.

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