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    01.18.18 @ 02:09 PM
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    Upon driving three hours to see Sam and Dave in Hartford (Thanks for being a dick about opening in NY Dave!) the future is quite clear for Edward Van Halen. Make the call, sit down and and talk (and listen) and make a a mends with Sammy. Sammy was in fine voice (although Vic Johnson is not a great guitar player IMO) while Dave was an absolute embarrassment to legacy of early Van Halen (although his band, especially Brian Young were great at recreating old school VH).

    to quote Sammy..."We got to learn to listen, before we learn to talk. We got to learn to crawl, before we learn to walk. If you want a little peace, sometimes you gotta fight. You gotta walk through the darkness, before we stand in the light. I know it wont be long, cause I see both sides now."

    Sam heed your own words when/if Edward makes the call, bring back the red rocker to Van Halen (and send Dave to Vegas, it's really where he belongs).
    "Question is, not does love exist, but when she leaves, where she goes. I got a feeling she don't know either. Wait like the wind, watch where she blows..."

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    To the Opinions forum with ye.
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