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    05.10.18 @ 09:56 AM
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    Default My guitar related stuffs and things.

    A little background: I've been a VH fanboy ever since I saw Twister in theaters in 1996. Humans Being got me hooked. That being said, for the next ten years, I didn't even consider playing an instrument. Then when I heard the band was getting ready to get back with Roth, I thought it might be a cool thing to try. I never expected to get anywhere with it. After dicking around on the fretboard for a couple of years, I discovered that I had a pretty good ear for picking up stuff (good thing, considering I can't read anything musically related) and a pretty good eye for slapping shit together. Which brings me to pit stop number one. Somewhere in 2008 (or 2009, I can't remember. Damn underage consumption of Jameson), I decided that I was going to build my own guitar and that it would be my own homage to my hero, EVH.

    ....and here it is.

    The body is not an EVH used wood (swamp ash), but the builder gave me a deal on it and I took it for $125. My own ears opinion: It's the brightest wood anyone can ever use. It sounds the BALLS. Original Floyd Rose (of course), MXR knob (naturally), somewhat inspired 5150 paint job (though I didn't have the patience to include the black back then and haven't had time to rip it apart & do it since).

    ......and the prettiest damn birdseye headstock you ever did see.

    The guitar, parts & paint ended up costing me about 900 bucks and it took me 6 weeks to complete building it. Not bad for a then 18 (or 19) year old. Which brings me to sometime last month. All this time I've been playing, and getting at least moderately bearable for others to hear, and I've never had any recording equipment other than the microphone on my phone. As luck would have it, I came into a little bit of spending money last month. I wanted something reliable, affordable & the ability to dial in my own signature tone and cop any famous tone I want. The Fractal Axe-FX would've been my number one choice, but I didn't want to drop 2 grand on it.

    Exhibit A & B: The Avid Eleven Rack & a pair of Mackie CR-3 monitors.
    Total cost: $779 (with free shipping from Amazon Prime, thank fuck).

    The main reason I went with the Eleven Rack in the end was because it came fully equipped with not only 30+ amp models to choose from, but it also had the latest edition of Pro Tools. Which leads me to where I currently am. After dicking around with Pro Tools for god knows how fucking long, I'm finally getting the hang of it and successfully made my first recording this afternoon. My version of the Star Spangled Banner (in the vein of Ed, Ted & some guy named Lemmy). Enjoy.

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    01.19.18 @ 10:56 AM
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    sounds pretty sweet

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    05.16.18 @ 08:19 AM
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    awesome bro

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    05.20.18 @ 12:43 AM
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    Very cool story and setup from top to bottom
    "There's too many people on this basketball that's floating around the sun, who are too afraid to allow themselves to FEEL" - Edward Van Halen
    "Van Halen was never about the singer..." - a very wise fan.
    "Embrace the past. Live in the moment but keep your eyes on the future, and keep on moving forward..." - Richie Sambora



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