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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    As a huge VH fan and casual watcher of this board for 2-3 years and no insider info here is what I figure. I have met Eddie one year in Aspen, Sammy, Eddie, Alex, and Mike in Manhattan, KS before a concert one year (Sammy was hungover from the previous night in Detroit) but have never met DLR who obviously has a huge ego but if you read his book and listen to him is intelligent. They have unlimited $$$ and could call it a day financially. Why come back. DLR needs it to fulfill his showmanship in front of 30,000 people a night one more time(DLR on his own can't get that kind of pub), Eddie is the guitar hero of almost everyone who knows what rock and roll is and I know he wants to play and in the big arenas one more time (does MJ still wanna play BB), Mike obviously is ready to go, and Alex will do what Eddie agrees on. Sammy would love to be the one but almost everyone wants Dave- and who thinks they are turning down the zillion dollars they could make. Warner Bro. dropped them-legal problems within that contract may not have allowed them to proceed- so drop them and resign them with a new management team and contract?? Hitch -Val giving EVH the go ahead-if she turned him loose and said go play with Dave and tear it up it would be a done deal. Will she- everyone wants there spouse to fulfill their dream-Its going to happen!!!!!!!!!!

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Oh yes, it all makes sense to me now!
    "What is understood don't need to be discussed. 'Aint that right Edward?'" Sammy Hagar, Right Here Right Now



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