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    05.23.18 @ 07:52 PM
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    Default DLR - " All These Crazy Women One More Crazy Night "


    Some thoughts on your birthday. And what you taught ME about Life and Rock and  Roll

    We are at the Hilton in Baltimore, line-up was some insignificant band supporting BOC, I forget who.  But it wasn’t The  Who, that’s for sure.  We had no interest in BOC, we were very young   then and they weren’t pretty enough for the infamous Sherry and Shari. Who weren’t infamous then, but were certainly working on it as fast and as furiously as we could. But we were really just little kids.

    We were there to see the Hottest , Baddest Boys on the Rock Scene, the Raucous Rodeo Clowns and Rock and Roll Gods of the late seventies, VAN HALEN, who were also on the bill.

    Alex had been terrorizing the lobby all afternoon. His favorite trick was to ride up and down in the elevator with an aerosol spray paint can, and every time the doors would open he would take a lighter and shoot a flaming fireball at the unsuspecting women and children trying to board. It was hilarious at 3 am. Not so funny at 4 in the afternoon.

    The Miami dolphins were staying in the same hotel. They were infuriated at all the babes in the place were paying ANY attention to them. So they had taken to riding those huge rolling luggage carts drunkenly up and down the corridors begging for favors! HA! We were rock chicks. They didn’t stand a chance.

    At last call Diamond Dave had decided that all the ancient, slutty, worn out local groupies at the party were pretty much the best of the bunch and all there was to offer and there would be no Malibu Barbie’s arriving anytime in the near future to answer his Rock God prayers so I was the lucky winner of that nights” Win a date with Dave” lottery.

    As we went upstairs in the elevator at last call one of the guys in BOC says to Dave

    ” Robbing the ice cream parlors, are we now?” (I looked about 12 until I was thirty)

    I had lost the other Shari hours earlier, no idea how, when, where or why (until morning) Turns out she and Eddie had disappeared way earlier. Evidently he didn’t wait for last call, or divine intervention, when he saw what HE liked, he WENT for it

    So after several fabulous hours with just a gigalo, he says to me

    ” Hey babe, I’m pretty hungry, how about you go get me a couple burgers?

    And hands me a couple of hundred dollar bills. This seems A Bit excessive to me, burgers being about two bucks each, and I thought it a TAD inconsiderate to send me OUT ONTO THE STREETS OF THE SLUMS OF DOWNTOWN BALTIMORE AT FOUR AM, but I’m a game girl, and didn’t want to be rude and  I was trying to be nice

    (Looking back I wonder…… Hmmmm, I wonder if MAYBE, he was TRYING to GET RID OF ME! Lol  ! )

    Nawwww   I’m sure he was just hungry after all that excitement. Well, I wasn’t  that excited. Dave was the kind of guy who thought the privilege of being with him was reward enough in itself  so even at my tender age i was pretty unimpressed. But he was. And surprised.

    As I said, I was a lot older than I looked.

    BELIEVE IT OR Not, I actually was so young and stupid I went out on the deserted streets in the dark in the murder capital of the nation, found a Jack in the box open at four am and came back WITH two burgers , both for Dave ( mustard and onions, I took a guess) and didn’t get myself ANYTHING, after all,   it was HIS money. And I forgot to ask if that would be okay! LOL

    So I come back twenty minutes later and knock on the door…

    He’s like” WHAT? “and I’m like…” back with the burgers” …

    and he’s like… “SERIOUSLY? “

    But he must have been hungry (or in a complete state of shock I returned instead of robbing him and heading off on my merry way) because instead telling me to fuck off he let me in and I was there until lunch time the next day. I guess the burgers gave him a second wind. When it was time to go I tracked down Shari, or rather Dave did; he knew I wasn’t leaving without her.   And he was dying to have me gone.

    But to his credit, he ddidn’t have the chutzpah to come out and say so.  Or the lack of common decency to turn someone so young and naïve out on the streets AGAIN at five am so he could be left alone to sleep in peace. Although, I would have been like “OHHHHHH, WHY didn’t you just SAY SO? Okay. “

    And we found her in Eddie’s room.  Still wearing the stockings and stilettos she had been sporting the night before, and nothing else, although a bit worse for wear and tear!

    (Hey Valerie Bertinelli, don’t look so INNOCENT! I KNOW STUFF ABOUT YOU)

    We had no idea how we are going to get home but when Eddie offered Shari a hundred dollar bill for cab fare ( much classier than Dave trying to trick me into sneaking out on him in the middle of the night) I finally put all the pieces together and how we laughed about how shocked ( and pissed off ) he must have been when i knocked on the hotel room door with the food.

    And I decided that was the first and last time I was going to go off with a pretty boy with no brains and no real interest in me except as the the only decent option left on an off night. From now on, it was only going to be people I really liked,  and who really liked me back and wanted more than one night and  not me to be the kind of girl who would take the money and run.

    ANY WAY…Happy Sixty th  Birthday  you rock and roll bad boy, From the Sherry Fairy
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    05.23.18 @ 07:52 PM
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    It wasn’t really until I saw David Lee Roth, front row, up close and personal, that I just looked at him and I thought, “Oh, my gosh. I’ve got to do that guy.”

    Tom: Really?

    Rita Rae: Yes.

    Tom: What was it about? In your other life, your school life and everything like that. What kind of boys were you attracted to? Were you attracted to the bad boys? Were you attracted to the guys with the long hair and an attitude? Or was it just something when you were at the rock shows, just something trigged in you?

    Rita Rae: It’s just that at that time in school, I had my crush about Scott Bailey was so crazy that if they didn’t look like Scott Bailey, I wasn’t going after them.


    Rita Rae: But it wasn’t until really when I saw, after sleeping with Billy Squire and then seeing David Lee Roth, I think the high school boys weren’t really my style any more. I was looking for somebody that was more experienced. I was just fantasizing more about them, a singer of a rock band, or just a superstar, really.

    Tom: Now, do you think your parents or your family was noticing any change in you during this time, from a sweet little innocent girl that had a crush on Scott Bailey, to Rita Rae Roxx, who’s now hanging out at the concerts and sleeping with rock stars?

    Rita Rae: Right, well my parents didn’t know who I was sleeping with. I never told them any of that.

    Tom: Right; or just if there was another change.

    Rita Rae: Yeah, well I think when they saw the Scott Bailey posters come down and the David Lee Roth posters go up, and all of a sudden all the rock magazines that I could get. I had all posters of David Lee Roth everywhere after that. My whole room was pretty much covered.

    I pretty much got really good grades in school, my parents didn’t really say much about it. It wasn’t until the year that my Mom passed away in high school that I think that I just didn’t really care.

    I graduated and all, but I really didn’t focus on anything else. I just went down…I wouldn’t say the “wrong road,” But my life just kind of spiraled out of control, just partying. I was just really involved with music and I think that was my therapy. I lived and breathed music.

    At that point, right after graduating from high school, the day after I graduated I flew on a plane to the US Festival in 1983. It was a three day party out in San Bernadino, California.

    Then after getting back after that, it was like I still worked and I went to school part time at Metro, but I still would look for other concerts; the Omaha area that I could travel to, and see who was coming to town. But it’s what I lived to do.

    Tom: Now, let me ask you. You mentioned before that you did all the research on the bands.

    Rita Rae: As I got older, I didn’t pursue it.

    Tom: OK, now let’s go through this. Billy Squire was the first and then did you end up backstage with David Lee Roth? Wanting him and getting him are two different things.

    Rita Rae: Right. I didn’t get backstage at that concert. My girlfriend at the time after the show was over, she didn’t see the vision that I saw, wanting to hang out and meet him. To her, the show was over and we had school in the morning and we were ready to go home.

    But it wasn’t until later that I met a couple of guys that were from LA that were staying in Omaha for a while, trying to do a band here, that would talk so much about LA. They were telling me, “Oh my God, David Lee Roth. He hangs out in the clubs in Hollywood all the time. He’s always there, and dah-dah-dah-dah-dah.” Basically what I did is, I saved my money up and that summer of my junior year, I took off and I went to LA for three weeks.

    I didn’t consider it running away. I left a note, but I just wrote, “PS. I’ll be back in three weeks.” But I knew my parents were going to let me go, and I took off and went to LA. A day before I was coming back to Omaha, I went to the Troubadour on a weekend night. I was sitting there having a drink and next thing I know, I turn around and I saw this guy with long blond hair just flowing, and chest open, hair everywhere.

    I thought, “Oh my God. That’s David Lee Roth.” I thought, “Oh my God. Everyone looks like David Lee Roth here.” Maybe it’s just a look alike, because poser was really the big word back then. If you weren’t truly a rock star and you tried to look like one, they would call you a poser. I remember then I did a double take, and then there were five women practically on top of him. I went, “Oh, my God. That’s David Lee Roth.”

    Two seconds later, I look away and the next thing I know, he’s standing right next to me. I looked over at him, because I had met him before here, in Omaha. I didn’t get backstage, but I went to the hotel that they were staying at. I got thrown out of the bar by a police officer, undercover police officer, that remembered me for pulling me over for a traffic violation, and knew that I was under age.

    I was this close to getting him, a year previously. Then, next thing I know, I just looked over and I said, “Hey. What’s up?” He’s like, “Hey,” and I said, “How about that drink you owe me?” He says, “Well, what are you talking about?” I said, “Well, you were inviting me in for a drink last time I met you, but your bodyguard kicked me out.” Then he asked me how old I was, and then I lied again and said I was 18, even though I was only 16.

    Tom: You were 16, you were at the Troubadour in LA, drinking.

    Rita Rae: Right. Well, I had a fake ID.

    Tom: Evidently.

    Rita Rae: Right, yeah. Well, I went through a few of them.

    Tom: By the way, where were you staying in LA when you were down there? You were with a friend or anything, or just a motel? Or were you just sleeping around with one of the trash?

    Rita Rae: Well, I met a girl. The first time I went out there I was staying with a friend, and then he ended up ditching me, and I was staying at his friend’s house. Then I met this girl and she was 14 and I was 16, and I told her what happened to me. She went home and talked to her Mom, and they let me stay with her family.

    Her mother was divorced and she had a little brother, and I stayed with them up until I left California. Me and her remained pen pals, the next time I went out there I stayed with her and her family.

    Tom: OK, then you were with David Lee Roth. “You owe me a drink, blah-blah, blah.” You like about your age. You say you were 18, but it was still 21 to drink, wasn’t it?

    Rita Rae: Yeah.

    Tom: OK, you’re still there. He buys you the drink?

    Rita Rae: Well, he asked me what I wanted to drink and I said, “Well, instead of getting me a drink, how about if you give me some tickets and passes to your concert in Omaha, Nebraska?” because it was coming up in a couple of months. He said, “Sure, just tell this guy right here,” which ended up being his bodyguard who assisted in throwing me out of the bar with the police officer.

    I said, “Well, why don’t you tell him?” and he said to me, “Well, why don’t we just go for a ride on my Harley?” Then, right then, my jaw just dropped and I was just like, “No way.” He said to me, “OK. Well, let’s start heading for the door.” He says, “Grab my hand and whatever you do, don’t let go of my hand.”

    As we were exiting the bar, he was mobbed by girls. I couldn’t believe it. There were literally girls coming up to him, pulling their tops off, flashing themselves. I was just amazed that he was even giving me the time of day, let alone taking me for a ride on his Harley.

    Tom: Was there anything during this time when you were looking at all this and said, “Oh, my God. I’m one of them.” Do you know what I mean? In other words, was there anything that said that you were just one of a million, and made you feel bad or cheap, or anything like that?

    Rita Rae: Oh, I don’t think I really felt cheap. I was feeling pretty damn good, because the thing was, my mission when I went out to California was to get to try to meet David Lee Roth. Here was my time, and literally two days before I was leaving town is when I met him.

    To me, I was just blown away that he would be interested in me, because at that time I had never seen fake boobs before, or really a lot of bleached blond hair until I went to Hollywood.

    When I’d seen all these girls with bleached blond hair and just the hugest boobs that you could possibly imagine; me with my little 34 B cup, I was kind of blown away that he was taking interest in me.

    But it was great, because once we got on our Harley, I had originally went there with somebody else I knew, to the bar. Once I paid his cover charge, he ditched me, right? It was kind of funny, because the next time he saw me, I was getting on the back of David Lee Roth’s Harley.


    Rita Rae: I looked at him and I waved, and I went, “Bye bye,” just like that, right? He was just standing there with his arms crossed, all pissed off at me.

    Tom: Did you end up sleeping with David Lee Roth that night?

    Rita Rae: Yes. I went back to his house. He had a condo, not a house. It was a condo in West Hollywood, right off of Holloway, in a high rise. It was pretty cool.

    Tom: Yeah?

    Rita Rae: Yeah. It was high rise. I’d never been in anything like that before, and it didn’t have a whole lot of furniture. He had told me that he had just bought the place, and he was in the midst of remodeling.

    Tom: Remodeling and everything.

    Rita Rae: Yeah.

    Tom: OK, now you’ve got the rock and roll lifestyle. By the way, when he came to Omaha, did you end up seeing him again?

    Rita Rae: Yes, I did actually. It was crazy, because I didn’t know how I was going to get in contact with him. He had given me a phone number of his secretary that they had for the Van Halen offices that they had.

    I got to see him right before he did sound check. I went down to the Red Lion and I’d gotten on the guest list. It was pretty cool because when I first got back to California I told everybody that I met David Lee Roth and went home to him, went back to his house and slept with him, nobody believed me.

    Tom: Why would they believe you?

    Rita Rae: Well it was pretty interesting. Then what happened was when I went to the show I had one of my girlfriends who was with me. She didn’t really believe me, and then when we saw him right before he went to sound check and he’s like “Hey Babe. Whatever. I’ll see you at the show tonight.” She was just blown away. She couldn’t even talk.

    We went to the show that night and I was all dressed up. I had, I think, Norma Kamali is who I was wearing that night because she was hot in the 80’s. After the show we went back to the Red Lion Inn, which is now the Double Tree and went in the bar and had drinks with him and a guy named Ted Templeton, who was with Warner Brothers.

    Tom: Yeah, Ted Templeton was like a very famous producer.

    Rita Rae: Yes, he was.

    Tom: He produced Doobie Brothers and he produced Van Halen and a bunch of other stuff.

    Rita Rae: It was pretty cool because nobody could come around us in the bar, because he had a body guard that kept…

    Tom: OK, you’re there with David Lee Roth and Ted Templeton and that. Did you ever have Eddie or any of the band members hit on you? In other words, any other people surrounding it?

    I guess what I’m thinking is here they see this hot young girl who’s just gaga over rock stars, and they’re thinking “Hey I’m with the band. Come over here and do me too?” Anything like that?

    Rita Rae: I didn’t see anything like that happen, but that night as I was leaving, it was about 3:00 or something in the morning. They were all by the elevators getting ready to go down to the bus. Eddie Van Halen, I was sitting there next to him and he had lifted up my skirt and looked underneath my skirt, and I just gave him a big grin and that was really it, but he never actually said anything to me.


    Tom: Why make conversation if you just look up a girls skirt?

    Rita Rae: Exactly, but I did speak to Eddie years later. I had a little more conversation with him back stage when Sammy Hagar was in the band. I met them again.

    Tom: OK, anything that time?

    Rita Rae: No. I didn’t get anywhere near him. He was married and to be honest with you I wasn’t really trying to go after the married guys. Maybe if it would’ve happened I probably would’ve did it, but I really didn’t want to do something like that.

    Tom: When you say you didn’t want to go after the married guys, were you trying to become a rock wife? Were you hoping that maybe one of these rock stars would marry you and then put you in that life style or what?

    Rita Rae: That was my teenage dream. Yes.

    Tom: First of all, we’re not talking with just David Lee Roth and …

    Rita Rae: Billy Squire.

    Tom: Yeah, Billy Squire. We’re not just talking those two guys. How many rock stars do you think you’ve slept with over the years?

    Rita Rae: Well successful or unsuccessful?


    Tom: What do you mean?

    Rita Rae: Well I slept with a lot of musicians, I guess would be the word, but I would say probably close to 50.

    Tom: OK. Help me with the definitions here now. When you say you slept with a lot of musicians, in other words it wasn’t always the lead singer?

    Rita Rae: Right. It might have been the bass player, or the drummer, or the guitar player. I wasn’t just out there to sleep with anybody. I kind of had picked out who I want to sleep with, but then again, a lot of times you meet people and not that you expect royal treatment from them, but some people weren’t always nice.

    Sometimes they might have just been having a bad day. I’m not sure, but sometimes they were jerks, and there was a lot of egos going on. If somebody was very aggressive, which I had in the case of when I first met Nikki Sixx. He was very overly aggressive and that was kind of a turn off for me. For somebody to just kind of grab at you, and expect you to…

    Tom: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Help me out. OK, Eddie Van Halen can look up your skirt and that’s no big deal. What did Nikki Sixx do that you thought was out of line?

    Rita Rae: We were at the Bronco Bowl down in Dallas Texas. I got back stage and then I went to the Green Tree, or something, Double Tree Hotel, or something like that in Dallas. I was partying in Doc McGee’s Room. Doc McGee who’s another big rock guy.

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    That girl looks like she is ten years old in that picture. Little creepy.
    Taylor Swift is nice to look at. Adele can sing.

    Emperor Brett - "I can't believe you guys are analyzing song-by-song Van Halen III? What next, analyzing the script of Stroker Ace looking for some shred of Citizen Kane?"

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    Interesting stuff--groupie stories. Thanks for posting, guys.
    VH FOREVER!!!!!!!

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