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    Default None dare call it "Racism" in South Africa

    South African Leader Calls for End to Anti-Foreigner Violence

    April 16, 2015 1:14 p.m. ET

    JOHANNESBURG—South African President Jacob Zuma on Thursday denounced escalating attacks on foreigners, a condemnation that couldn’t quell the latest surge of xenophobic anger and violence that has swept the country.

    In eastern Johannesburg, police fired rubber bullets at a rally of South Africans calling for foreigners to leave the country. In Durban, they deployed a water cannon to hold back a crowd of 1,000 anti-immigrant demonstrators who converged on city hall.

    The confrontations came less than a day after many foreign business owners in central Johannesburg were forced to close their shops as bands of stone-hurling young men roved neighborhood streets. Dozens of foreigners sought refuge overnight at a police station in Germiston, an eastern suburb.

    At least five people have been killed this month and thousands of others have been forced to flee their shops and homes, as groups of native South Africans turn their anger over unemployment and poverty against immigrants from Zimbabwe, Somalia and other nations on the continent. Up to 6 million foreigners live legally and illegally in South Africa, the South African Institute of Race Relations says.

    In recent years, impoverished South Africans have lashed out regularly at laborers from Zimbabwe and Malawi and business owners from Somalia and Ethiopia. Some feel these immigrants take jobs and open businesses that could open the door to the better life that continues to elude many poor South Africans.

    According to Human Rights Watch, hundreds of foreigner-owned stores have been ransacked each year since 2008, when a spasm of anti-foreigner attacks left more than 60 people dead.

    This year’s violence is starting to approach 2008 levels. Hundreds of shops have been looted since January, when riots erupted after a Somali store owner in Soweto shot and killed a young man who tried to rob him.

    Tensions flared again last month in KwaZulu-Natal, Mr. Zuma’s home province, when a traditional leader said foreigners should leave the country.

    “We ask that immigrants take their bags and go where they come from,” said Goodwill Zwelethini, king of the Zulu ethnic group, South Africa’s largest. Edward Zuma, the president’s son, later said he supported the King’s sentiments.
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