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    Default What Are My Options For Scoring Front Row Tix?

    How do people get front row without dropping $1,000 on a VIP ticket?

    I've been really disappointed with my seats the last two tours. I really want to be in the first five rows, and I'm not sure I have the stomach to wait till a few days before the event for the unsold VIP tix to be released.

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    I've had front row seats for every tour (some multiple per tour) since 1991 with the exception of the VH3 tour. I haven't been in the 2nd row or past since ou812 when I waited out for 8 hours and got shitty tickets. After that I vowed to never go through that again.

    Here were my ways:
    1. Back in the early nineties you would call ticketmaster 10 minutes before the sale goes on. The brokers would get commission for selling t-shirts, gift cards, etc. Tell them you will buy the commission item if they hold you on until the sale starts. My now wife got us front row once doing that. The times I didn't get front row I got great seats and traded them up with scalpers.
    2. Get good seats and bribe your way up. One tour we bought 28th row the day of the show. Paid $20 to move up 15 rows (switch seats). Then found another buyer for another $20. Started the row in the 3rd row and within minutes fought my way to front row center. Did this on multiple tours.
    3. Get great seats. Many times the front row center tix were people who won them on the radio. One show we had 4th row and paid $20 to the people who won the seats (and didn't appreciate vh much anyways)
    4. Win - I won seats on the VH website.
    5. Buy from scalper / stubhub a few days/weeks before the show when they are desperate. You have to check daily and often.
    5. Platinum seats on Ticketmaster. Don't buy the first few days. Wait a few days (weeks if you can) until the price is where you want to spend. I've seen front row pop up throughout the sale. You have to be patient. I spent the most I ever have on the last tour doing this. But I brought my son and I think got closure (We were on the She's the Woman video...If I don't have closure there I never will)

    This tour I'll be doing the platinum seats again - worse case stubhub.
    Right here I say....



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