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    03.20.16 @ 04:54 PM
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    Default Attn. 5150 111 1x12 combo owners....

    Just got my 5150 112 combo. Like it a lot, similar in tone to my 50 watt head and of course more gain and range than my 100 watt head which at this point in time has been rendered obsolete since the 50 watter and combos have come out. Ive found that the EQ on the combo is very sensitive with the presence control being the X factor and the power/wattage control being pretty subtle. There is a player on youtube who has done some great sounding demos with all gain/tone controls on 10, presence at 2 and wattage at 1 watt. Sort of an extreme setting but somehow it works for a fat brownish tone that cuts through:

    Any other settings you 112 owners have come up with that sound good? (Aside from Eds settings that we all initially dial our amps in with)

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    10.01.15 @ 05:45 PM
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    Congrats on the evh 1x12 combo! I use one as well and like it a lot.

    When you say more gain than your 100w head, what head are you talking about?

    I've found the power scaling to be an awesome feature. I use it even out at jobs with a full band(loud drummer). I like how it colors and imo warms the tone at loud levels(also gives better gain and harmonic response when used at super low volumes). I set it at about 3 oclock at gigs and at about 7 oclock at home jamming. Last time out I actually dialed it more to noon. I think the amp sounds a tad too harsh without it.

    With any new amp it takes time to get adjusted. I thought it sounded way too thin and trebly until I dialed the Resonance knob on the back of the combo. That made a huge difference, I set that at about middle(12 0 clock) maybe a step lower.

    I don't have it in front of me but I set the gain for channels 1&2 at about 10-11 o clock. I set the gain to about 11-12 oclock for chan 3.

    I don't play any extreme metal thrash stuff with my band. For rock stuff from zeppelin to VH/ Ozzy etc chan 2 with the gain a tad lower than half way is more than enough, imo. More than that it gets into thrash, death metal whatever territory, imo.

    I'm using a Gibson LP on it mostly.
    Thought it's a 3 chan amp I mostly use chan 2 and use 3 as a solo channel. If a tune is slightly clean I just dial down my pickup and stick to channel 2. If its a tune with clean and dirty parts ill still dial down the volume on my neck pu and then toggle to the bridge pu on full vol for the more distorted parts.

    I only use chan 1 out when it's a song that is super clean or when I plug in the acoustic for a few tunes. I'll turn the gain down to like 7 o clock then. I use it more like a 2 chan amp at jobs as the channel sharing of 1 & 2 comprises things when switching channels.

    I set all tone controls to just past halfway pretty much. I'll dial the treble down a hair from middle position. Presence is set to like 10-11 o clock. depends on the room too.

    The only negative I feel for this amp is the channel sharing. Still, it's such a kick ass great sounding amp in a small tight package I can't complain. Hauling this is much easier than a half stack when you haul your gear often and besides the loss of the 4 x 12 headroom you aren't lacking with the 1x12 combo. Certainly not lacking in tone or volume.

    I've been debating buying a EVH 1 x 12 cab to use either under it or on the other side of the band for larger places. I bet that would sound great.

    For now I just leave the casters on it. I read so much about the coupling effect....I always used stacks or half stacks out and this was my first experience with my own smaller amp out. It's just easier to leave the casters on and really when I experimented the difference is minimal. Maybe if it didn't have a resonance control it would be more of an issue.

    Good luck with it!



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