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    06.04.13 @ 02:52 PM
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    I knew these guys were on the fringe, but I didn't think they would stoop to what is being written about them over at Melodicrock. Can anyone confirm????
    In case you guys were curious what happened to the infamous army..... here it is:

    Does anybody have any idea why this site is down? I miss my DaveTV!
    The Army will be back!!

    Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2002 8:22 pm Post subject: harass
    fans, FBI shut down website...

    ------ was shut down for harassing a website called the dlrarmy people were being really
    childish and using and servers and service to
    attack and harass those people over at that website and that's why the
    Feds shut them down. Also, they tried to extort money from the Emerald
    City Records people and the FBI got involved and Chris Stuckey and Dave
    strong have been keeping a very low hidden profile... I was a fan of that
    site but after I saw what they were doing I will not support ever again. The gay bashing, hatred and abusive stuff
    going on at that website reminded me of 12 year olds back in school and
    I'm too old to put up with that garbage so just a word to you all is a site I would avoid at all costs.
    Sick people run it and nothing but sick people support it.
    It's sad that my hero Mr. Roth is misrepresented by such mentally deranged
    people. They ( give Van Halen fans a bad name. :evil:

    Author: Assoc. Press Rel., Int.
    Subject: & shut down!

    official Van Halen news...

    Hollywood Jan 2nd.

    -Today Emerald City Recordings of Hollywood has issued a statement to the
    effect of and have been forcibly shut
    down and removed from the
    internet via the server company they host.

    -Issued statement from the Emerald City camp states the two websites have
    been systematically posting harassing, libel, defamation and slanderous
    writings on both websites message forums. The two were on the same server
    and were effectively shut down January 2nd.

    -Emerald City Recordings of Hollywood have been under attack by the
    webmasters of both URL's as far back as 2 years said a spokesperson for
    the independent label. "We have had enough of this and there are several
    other internet businesses/people we will be coming after as well. We
    consider these internet terrorists taking Freedom Of Speech for granted
    kinda like the Taliban and we (Emerald City) are the United States Army
    and were coming after you... Mr. Dickinson your next just like Sadam".

    -The incidents stem from a battle over rock radio station KNAC who Emerald
    City claims tried to charge them for posting on a free message board about
    a release from one of their artists. "Basically KNAC (Rob Jones) thought
    we were stupid enough to fall for that extortion and we told them no, were
    not interested in your station and we don't need KNAC. KNAC holds no power
    over making or breaking a band." Since that time listeners and staff
    members have been going online posting hatred, malicious rumor, slander
    etc. regarding one of Emerald City's artists. Dave Strong webmaster of has been harassing the Emerald City label since.
    Another KNAC fan Daniel Sarhad an employee at The Arizona Republic
    (Gannet) was also fired because of his activities in harassing Emerald

    -The is owned by Chris Stuckey of Denver Co. He also hosts on his server for Mr. Dave Strong. If there's anything
    to be learned here kids it's don't metal with evil over the internet. "Mr.
    Strong and some of the employees at UVDI (Ultra Violet Devices Inc. in
    Valencia) have purchased several domain names claiming they are going to
    launch them if we don't purchase them, one being held by another internet
    terrorist named Saeid Yomtobian of Malibu Ca. Mr. Yomtobian has a long
    track record of trying to impersonate companies by buying up miss-spelled
    URL's that closely resemble the trademarked version. He wants $250.00 per
    name... He has been sued many times. When asked why he's attacking Emerald
    City by trying to extort money from them to stop these offensive URL's
    from being opened his reply was, my boss asked me to do it."

    -Emerald City Records spokesperson said they have tried contacting David
    Lee Roth's management to see why an official Roth site would condone such
    activity but have had no reply. claims to be Dave's
    official website. Would he appreciate the way his name is being used? I

    Associate Press Release Int.

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    04.28.16 @ 07:41 PM
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    I don't think is an official Roth site. Might be. But for all your latest Roth information minus the news and website, plus a new video every week visit

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    05.22.18 @ 02:48 AM
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    That's completely BS, it wasn't shut down for those reasons, that was some old crazy made up thing. The Army had no affiliation with DLR either, other than hosting Ray Luzier's web site, which it no longer does obviously.

    Anyway I'm closing this, it isn't worth discussion.
    Webmaster - Your Van Halen Internet Resource Guide
    Audio/Video Trading Community
    Tons of Van Halen!

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    05.16.18 @ 11:48 AM
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    Default .


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    05.22.18 @ 02:20 AM
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    Shit thats REAL old stuff.

    WTF is with this diggin shitty old threads up anyway? Mental issues?

    Anyways closing.
    A little zen....... Headed your way.......



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