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    Atomic Punk I Coulda Hada VH's Avatar
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    Land O' Lakers
    Favorite VH Album

    The First One
    Favorite VH Song

    I'm The One
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    12.12.18 @ 10:07 AM
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    Quote Originally Posted by DFVH5150 View Post
    "I'm the One"'s up there too no doubt, just not a Top Tenner.
    I'm The One is a Top Oner.

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    Favorite VH Album

    Favorite VH Song

    Good Enough Hot f. Teacher AFU
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    09.12.18 @ 11:22 AM
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    Default Got stuck in the eighties. Somebody give me a doctor.

    Man, am I old! Looking back at my top ten VH and non-VH lists. Eighties All the Way. Anyway, the list changes on a daily basis. I completely forgot about "Freedom" by Alice Cooper.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kev View Post
    I tried to this....but I cant.....I cant narrow it down to 10 songs....mood changes from day to picking 10 songs makes me feel like I am being unfair to the rest of them....I'd have better luck picking my least 10
    - Ya man, no problem, respect!

    Last but not Van Halen music? I'm sorry but I don't see it happening. I actually hope they will prove me wrong. But for now, sayonara! Taking a break from posting for a while.

    Top ten Van Halen

    1 Good Enough
    2 Hot for Teacher
    3 AFU
    4 From Afar
    5 House of Pain
    6 Big Fat Money
    7 She's the Woman
    8 Mean Street
    9 Eruption
    10 Summer Nights

    11 Girl Gone Bad
    12 Source of Infection
    13 Sucker in a 3 Piece
    14 Push Comes to Shove
    15 Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love
    16 Man on a Mission


    1 Krokus - Ballroom Blitz (1984)

    2,3 Joe Satriani - Not of This Earth, The Snake (1988)

    4 Judas Priest - Breaking the Law (1980)

    5 Thin Lizzy - Baby Please Don't Go (1983)

    6 Alice Cooper - Freedom (1987)

    7 Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Fury (1986)

    8 Divlje jagode - Let na drugi svijet (1985)

    9 PRL - Koledzy (1996)

    10 Krzak - Tajemniczy świat Mariana (recorded April 1980)

    11 Divlje jagode - Hopa cupa (1985)
    "If it sounds good, it is good" - Eddie Van Halen, 1981

    "Don't give up, seroiusly. I mean if I can do it, you can do it, seroiusly" - Eddie Van Halen, 1985

    "If he ever talks to me like that again he better be wearing a cup" - EVH, 1996

    "Death by Hollywood, a little too fabulous for his own good" - Edward Van Halen, 2005

    Jeff Fiorentino - EVH style and tone master



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