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    05.17.18 @ 07:12 PM
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    Default Looking for DLR's a cappela cover of 'Happy' in MP3 form

    G'day People,

    Does anyone know of a link where I could download DLR's a cappela cover of 'Happy' in MP3 form? (Or any other comparable audio format).

    I used to have an audio recording of the song, (which I may have actually stumbled across here on these forums?), saved on my computer at work, but lost it when upgrading to a new terminal.

    At any rate, I think DLR and Co came up with an interesting arrangement of that song and I wanted to play it for my cousin. However, since all of DRL's social media has disappeared I have no way of doing so.

    Does anyone know where that download link was?


    P.S. Mods, please move this post to another forum if you feel it belongs somewhere else.
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    05.22.18 @ 04:53 PM
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    Happy Trails - DLR Live 1991 - Norway.mp3

    If you can find "Happy" on You Tube I can convert it for you, but it seems all the Roth Show stuff is still down.

    So, here's Happy Trails - Live for you instead!!
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    06.05.16 @ 04:54 PM
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    I have it in m4a, which you can play in iTunes. I extracted it from one of the Roth Show videos. Message me with your email if you want me to send you a copy.
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