Anyone watch the Peavey Undecover Boss the other night? Looks like they aren't doing too good as they've closed all their domestic factories. The one that was still open on the show they closed and laid off all the employees that were featured on the show. They didn't even honor the money that the COO promised them at the end of the show when he revealed who he really was. One guy had another job lined up and the COO begged him to stay with Peavey so he did, and then they laid him off 4 months later. That's a pretty dick move IMO.

I know Ed has been gone from Peavey for a while. I wonder if he knew about some of their problems back then and decided to leave. Anyone know why he left? I also heard they got rid of him after a drunken episode at NAMM. If that's the case it was probably a mistake because he seems to be doing well with his gear enterprise now.