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    05.22.18 @ 04:23 PM
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    Default The most highly rated restaurant in Cardiff Wales is in the prison

    It's appropriately called The Clink. Maybe it says something about how well the Welsh prison system rehabilitates its prisoners

    or maybe it just says something about the state of culinary arts in Wales
    To be honest, looking at the photos on trip advisor and the menu I can truthfully say that this place is waaaaaay nicer than any restaurant here in the Greater Goose Poop area.

    Cardiff, Wales' Best Restaurant Is in a Prison
    By JOANNA PRISCO January 24, 2015 8:17 AM Good Morning America
    A restaurant located inside of a prison has been voted the best place to eat in Wales' capital, according to travelers who have dined there.

    Opened just over two years ago, The Clink Cymru, which is operated by 30 category D prisoners, recently beat out 950 other establishments in Cardiff, Wales, when it assumed the number one position in TripAdvisor's Popularity Index for the locality.

    Designed to help prisoners develop skills that can be put to use once they reintegrate with society, the restaurant also seeks to highlight locally grown Wales produce.

    Menus, which change seasonally, offer dishes from "pressed game terrine with ciabatta croute, fruit chutney and baby cress" to "pan-seared breast of chicken with sugar snap peas, mashed potato, purple sprouting broccoli and chicken jus" to "spiced poached pear with hot chocolate sauce and vanilla bean ice cream."

    It even features a private dining room and AV facilities for business presentations.

    One TripAdvisor reviewer noted, “The Clink offers amazing value for money, exceptional service and food that few restaurants in Cardiff can compete with. The Clink is a must visit.”

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    05.23.18 @ 08:33 AM
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    I've heard of this.

    We discussed it in my Food & Beverage class while I was over there...

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    04.21.18 @ 05:47 PM
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    LOL! Thank you, Daisy - this made me laugh, bless you!

    Sadly, Cardiff is in South Wales - so a good five hour drive from me - nevertheless, North Wales is now having a state-of-the-art prison built in Wrexham (a large town about 50 miles from me) - I've no doubt that it will also feature top cuisine.

    You know what's really sad about all of this? My Mum's neighbour used to work for a catering company, supplying food to both Welsh prisons and primary schools (ages 3 - 11). There was uproar (and she actually left as a result) when it became apparent that prisoners were having £25 allocated per meal, per head - as opposed to £1 per meal, per head, for the children. Prisoners were receiving top quality steak; children mince-meat burgers made from the cheapest off-cuts available. Tells you something about the Welsh Assembly's priorities, huh? Maybe it's because they're all so corrupt themselves that they're envisaging a future in "The Clink", and want to ensure the tastiest delicacies possible are available to them...
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