This was a weird weird case. In 2010 someone bought a winning 14 million dollar Iowa lottery ticket, but it went unclaimed. Who was the winner? Why wasn't it claimed? No one knew, until now

One year to the day when the ticket would have expired a New York attorney comes forward with the ticket to have it validated and claim the prize for his client, who wanted to remain anonymous. When the attorney balked at answering questions the lottery because suspicious and the attorney withdrew the claim, thus forfeiting the winnings.

But Lottery officials were still suspicious and began an investigation that involved security footage of the convenience store counter where the ticket was bought, Parking lot surveillance video that captured a license plate and it all led them back to a lottery security employee who was trying to claim the winnings, which by law, as a lottery employee, he was prohibited from claiming.

so now he faces prison for fraud. Me, if I had known that I couldn't claim the prize without going to prison, I would have just stuck that ticket in a Salvation Army donor bucket or something.