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    Default Times change revisited

    So closing a thread before I can respond. Awesome.

    Seen, just stay invisible. Do us a favor. As apparently my 6000 posts have somehow slipped by you in 7 years. If it ain't nba or starting shit you could care less.

    Brett, I never once said daisy was the issue. All I said was things have changed. Daisy is good and I have even told her that WHEN she pm'd me. no Ill will at all.

    Ok so met me see if I have this right, because I have fried some cells here and there. A condiment can fuck with all that oppose his opinions and you even can tell he has a ip switcher and yet he's still around? But I convey frustrations/opinions on him and I get reprimanded? Seems a little ass backwards.

    Hey am I a saint? Fuck no. I have personally wanted to beat a members ass. And asked too. But somehow a mod can piss all over ones posts and delete them and make it to where 2 people who are above reproach almost leave and 47 and I are the issue?

    Suit yourself.

    Daisy, apologies for even using your name.

    Happy new year.

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    Default Times change revisited

    Fudd I don't have to let anyone respond. There was a reason I closed it, and it wasn't so you would go and create it again. You've said your peace now...twice. Ok. Move on and calm down. You know better. I'm closing and I do not want to see another thread made about it.
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