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    05.16.18 @ 11:48 AM
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    Default If FB deletes it I have a copy saved on my laptop.

    Mark A. Lavoie
    I want to start off by saying this is going to be officially ruled a murder/suicide when in all actuality it is a double suicide. My baby was trying to escape the bi-polar demons that have been swirling around in her brain since childhood and now because of my selfishness in dialing 911 she is experiencing the only thing she feared more than her illnessÖlife support on a respirator.(Even though I brought her living will, the doc said her wishes didnít apply because depression isnít a non-reversible state. I however did not see that stipulation.) I am more than happy to sacrifice my life to fix my doing and join her spirit in a happier place.
    I just wanted let people know my thoughts as to why I am doing this, weather you can understand it or not.
    I never did end up getting a will, living or otherwise so I would like to make a couple points clear and hopefully posting this on here will be enough to get my wishes honored. If FB deletes it I have a copy saved on my laptop. Everything I own including the house and anything else Kathy left to me in her will is to be split evenly between Kori Ricker and Tara Ricker-Maus. I also have a 401 at Portsmouth Ford and Berlin City Ford, the paperwork should be in the filing cabinet in my bedroom) You will need to figure out how to split the house, co-ownership, one buying the other out or sell it and split the profit. Also please assure the pets are cared for.
    I would like someone to volunteer to get this next issue resolved, if nobody does could you please take care of this Jan and Dan Roberge and spare the kids? There should be plenty in the checking and savings accounts to take care of it. Go to any funeral parlor they should be able to take care of the whole thing. We are both donors so have them send our bodies to a tissue processing facility (not sure what they are called) then they will send us to a crematorium. I donít care what is done with the ashes but I know Kathy loves Damariscotta Lake.
    Though a difficult subject I hope my family whom I love dearly can make some sense of what Iím doing though unless you have dealt directly with mental illness if will be difficult.
    In case FB deletes this for whatever reason I saved a copy to my laptop and hopefully it will be enough to get my wishes followed.
    Please donít mourn for me, my spirit will be in a much better place with my soul mate; you may even catch a glimpse of us from time to time.
    Well in all the years Iíve been on FB I never was one for posting any dramaÖ..I was due one
    Love you all, peace out!
    "Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack.Ē -- Gen. George S. Patton

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    05.12.18 @ 08:18 AM
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    This is a sad, sad situation. Ugh.

    ------- ------ -------

    My fellow Linkers: if you don't have a legal will, make one right now. Don't like to think about death? You need to figure out how to deal with that and make your will.

    All that stuff he typed in his Facebook post, on a Word doc, etc. pretty much means nothing. It doesn't constitute a legal, binding will. A disgruntled (or whatever) relative could argue that anyone typed that stuff. If it's not an actual, legal will, it's not a will.

    I was forced to make my first will at 22, when I went through basic training. The military is smart for making all its members do that. I have updated it since then because that was a long time ago.

    Sorry, it's going to cost you something to make a will, but that will is going to provide peace of mind to those left behind. It shouldn't be expensive and it will pay for itself with the trouble it saves the survivors.

    Get a will. Get a living will, too. If not, you're going to leave a big mess behind for people already grieving your death.

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