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    Default Super-Vee Bladerunner

    For Christmas, my wife got me a Super-Vee Bladerunner. I have a project Guitar that I've been trying different products in. Currently, it is a 93 Strat body with a MighyMite maple neck, a Frankenstein humbucker, grover tuners, and a bridge where I have replaced the saddles with Graphtech, and the sustain block with a GFS Brass Block.

    That configuration worked out pretty well, but I've always wanted to try the Bladerunner, and put it on my Christmas list.

    For those of you not familiar with the Super-Vee product line, the original Super-Vee trem was created to be installed on a vintage strat in order to provide you with a double-locking tremolo, without having to alter your original instrument. You could install one, and convert it back to all original condition.

    There are a couple unique things about the design of the trem. One of them, and the most significant is the way that the trem "pivots". I say it that way, because it doesn't pivot at all. It uses a torsion spring approach. It's supposed to always return the trem to zero point, because there is no knife edge to wear out from friction. The second design feature is they have a sustain block made from a proprietary alloy that they developed to enhance tone and sustain. They also offer a Brass or Steel option, if that is what you desire.

    The Bladerunner trem is using the same technology as the original Super-Vee, but in the form of a Standard Fender Trem. It's designed to be a direct, drop-in replacement for your Fender Trem, while still maintaining the look of the original.

    Installation was as easy as it could be. Remove old trem, new one bolts right up using 4 screws. It shipped with adjusting tools and new trem springs, so I went ahead and used them. The trem arm is a screw in type, but has a tension adjusment on the back side in the trem block. when you screw in your trem, you just turn the little nylon screw in the trem block until you achieve the desired swing on your trem arm.

    Strung it up with .9s, and I was off to the races. In-fact, I was literally ready to rock without any adjustment. The trem shipped pre-radiused, and pre-intonated. It was so good that I only turned my saddles down a quarter turn, and didn't even need to make any intonation adjustments.

    After hooking it up with the new trem, it was time for the real test, what did it sound like. Well, the results were dramatic and immediately noticable. Sustain was increased quite a bit, and the focus of the tone of the instrument shifted and put more emphasis on the low mids and bottom end. It really thickened up the tone nicely, and made it sound more beefy. I don't know what the proprietary alloy is that they use, but it's the real deal. You get some no shit great tone.

    If you have a Strat with a standard trem, I would highly recommend the Bladerunner as a replacement.
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    Ditto...I have one too and they're great. Had it on a guitar for a while and now I'm going to use it on a new build. Highly recommend this over the typical 6 screw Fender bridge mount and is still more stable than the newer 2 point American strat bridge system. To make it fail-safe, use locking tuners and a Graph-tech self lube nut....



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