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    05.23.18 @ 11:10 PM
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    Default A cool song by song review of "Fair Warning" ...

    "It's so lonely at the top because it's so crowded at the bottom" - Diamond David Lee Roth

    "Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners" - George Carlin

    "Women and Children First ... The REAL Van Halen III"

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    01.19.18 @ 10:56 AM
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    Found that recently and thought it was cool. Here's some more quick song-by-song thoughts by another VH aficionado (the one and only E_C) ...


    Fair Warning is wonderfully dark (albeit delivered with great Van Halen exuberance). It features desperate and alienated modern individuals. It is all about violence, sex, and materialism:

    Mean Street: A desperate character alienated and in a hopeless situation, who has a gun and needs to be struck down. It takes the title from the Scorsese's film Mean Streets and seems inspired by both that film and Scorsese's Taxi Driver.

    Dirty Movies: A girl selling herself to the porno industry.

    Sinner's Swing: Chasing sex, not love.

    Hear About it Later: A dude chasing money and telling a woman that money is his priority; not her and not love.

    Unchained: A guy telling off and breaking free from a gold digging woman.

    Push Comes to Shove: Breaking up a relationship with no intimacy (as if not on a first name basis), yet still nearly destroyed ("Will you ever be the same?") and still having uncertainty and doubts ("Is this the one that got away?").

    So This Is Love?: Chasing love, but doubting it is love ("So this is love?"). Rather, it is pure carnality ("I'm just skin and bone!") and she is just a prostitute ("Well, my baby is on the corner and she is looking so fine. Put one and one together and it blowed my mind.").

    Sunday Afternoon in the Park: Is not a pretty stroll through a park, but a fuzzy freak-out through a bizarre and feverish nightmare.

    One Foot Out the Door: Sleeping with a married woman and barely escaping the murderous rage of the husband, yet self-destructively tempting fate by coming back for more.

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