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    06.23.15 @ 05:07 PM
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    Default JCM 800 4010/2204

    I have a chance to score a used early 80's JCM 800 4010 combo (modded to be a separate head) and Marshall 1965B on Craigslist for a killer price of $650. Couple questions:

    1. I know that 800's get rave reviews, but how different is the 4010 from the 2204, which is what it's modeled after?

    2. How does the 1965B sound to anyone who has used it? Listing says it has the stock 10" G10L 35's, which are supposedly one of the best 10" Celestion makes.

    Should I go for it? Any other thoughts or comments are appreciated.

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    05.10.18 @ 09:41 PM
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    I have a 2 x 12 Marshall JCM 800 4010 circuit that I kept stock for years until I had it modded by Mark "Rockstah" Abrahamian a couple of years ago, which made it a completely different animal.

    In my experience, the stock amp circuit was a little on the lower gain side when using the more distorted input...a little more distortion than a JTM45, but nowhere near a Van Halen type metal sound. The clean channel was awesome! I really liked the clean Mark Knopfler style tones I got out of my strats. Here is a clip I made of the "Women In Love" intro with clean channel with stock circuit and stock speakers:

    I really didn't care for the stock distorted tones and I usually ended up using a fuzz or my old MXR Distortion + on it, but I was still unsatisfied with the distorted sounds.

    After Rockstah modded the amp with his Mod 5 circuit and I replaced the original speakers with 90s reissue 6402 cone Greenbacks I have been happy ever since.

    That said I think that you should buy the is a great price because these amps are pretty valuable for some reason. It would be better if it was stock, but on the other hand you could have it modded by Bray or some other builder as I did and really get an amp you'll be happy with!



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