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Thread: Dad Of The Year

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    Default Dad Of The Year

    5-Year-Old With Terminal Brain Tumor Surprised by Acrobatic Spiderman at His Birthday Party, but Even More Touching Is the Man Behind the Mask

    If you saw 5-year-old Jayden Wilson’s bedroom, you would think he’s among the biggest of Spiderman fans. What you won’t see by looking at him or around his room though is that he has a grade 4 brainstem tumor.

    “He knows that he’s got a lump in his head, which we told him, and the doctors are trying to make it better,” the British boy’s father, Mike Wilson, told TheBlaze in an email. “It’s important not to lie to children as they trust their parents 100 percent. Same with his sister Ella. They don’t need to know what the full details are in terms of being terminal, but to tell them enough not to scare them.”

    Jayden Wilson has an inoperable, cancerous brain tumor, a condition which his doctors say is terminal. (Image source: YouTube)

    Wilson said when his son was diagnosed 15 months ago, he was only given a year to live.

    “But he’s with us now fighting it all the way,” Wilson said. “He’s such a brave little boy with everything he’s been through.”

    According to the University of California, San Francisco, these types of brainstem tumors are most common between the ages of 5 and 10 with grade 3 and grade 4 tumors being particularly fast growing. Most tumors in this region are highly malignant.

    In Jayden’s case chemotherapy and surgery were not treatment options. His doctors tried radiotherapy at the beginning but he hasn’t been treated since then.

    The 32-year-old father said his son is “frightened sometimes but plows on through like a little champ.”

    Given the precious time he has with his son, Wilson wanted to do something special for his birthday this year.

    Being a parkour and free-running expert who just so happens to have a Spiderman suit, the father arranged a special appearance at Jayden’s birthday party.

    “I love Spiderman and to have the opportunity to be him for my son is amazing,” Wilson said.

    Watch the surprise appearance by Spiderdad, er, Spiderman and Jayden’s reaction (Note: Dad even disguised his English accent, making himself sound American to seem convincing as the character):

    Wilson, a former gymnast, has 14 years of experience in parkour and free-running and works specifically with the team 3RUN, which travels around the world for events.

    “I’m currently working on a Spiderman short film which I’m dedicating to Jayden. It’s called #SpiderMan4K,” Wilson wrote. “I want him to have his very own premier of the short film so he could be the first in the world to see it.”

    Wilson added that he hasn’t let his son in on the secret identity of Spiderman yet and is debating between revealing his involvement at the premier or sooner.
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    This is awesome. Such a touching story.
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    It's good to know there are still dads like that out there.
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