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    Default Peavey Wolfgang StopTail - worth the $$

    Looking to purchase a Peavey Wolfgang Stoptail. Its Amber in color. A really flamed maple neck. They are asking $1049.00 for it. Cosmetically it looks great and appears to be all original. Its not a PAT pending model, so unable to determine what year. Hoping all of you on here can advise if its a good price. I already have a first year quilt and a black PAT Pend model. So this would just be a non trem model, which i am finding I appreciate more. Thanks in advance everyone for the feedback.

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    The market has really improved. I remember someone trying to sell one and could not get any takers for 750 for a stop tail.

    I believe the peavey's are great values. You are getting an upper level USA made guitar for almost what a new special runs. IMO if you can get one for around 1000 and you love the look of the top go for it. You might find one sell on ebay for under a grand if you are patient.

    If you're buying online ask questions about it's condition and get some pics...especially of the neck joint.



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