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    Default The end of the era of personal responsibility

    Recent events, both foreign and domestic, have provided me with some time for reflection and, hopefully, some introspection as well. While digesting the never ending flood of news, we examine those citizens with missing or insufficient health insurance and wonder when the government will finish addressing this gap. We fret over events on foreign shores and debate which magic wand Washington will wave to make it all go away. We observe a record low number of adults participating in the labor force and berate each other over how high our leaders will push the minimum wage and from which hat they will magically produce more jobs for those willing to do them.

    Large segments of our population hold their cupped hands before their elected saviors and ask when, if ever, life will return to what we wistfully understand as normal. But it’s not normal. Or at least it wasn’t for most of our history.
    "Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack.” -- Gen. George S. Patton

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    i think the issue with my generation isn't as much an issue of lack of personal responsibility and much more of one of a lack of fiscal responsibility and an inability to delay gratification. I work in an office with many middle aged people who will likely retire with a mortgage. It's quite concerning.

    I feel for the next generation as they will have it much harder when they enter the workforce (we see this already) and it will get worse once the baby boom retires. Not sure how we'll be able to fund that many retired people. My guess is the retirement age will slowly but surely increase. By the time I get to 65 (25 years from now) I'm guessing the retirement age will be at least 70.



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