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    05.23.18 @ 04:56 PM
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    Default Beam Me Up..expelled congressman James TraficantJr has died

    maybe this guy is only really remembered in Ohio, I don't know. But if you followed politics, this guy was one of the most colorful, memorable, crooked, eccentric, underhanded, hardworking, dedicated, corrupt, effective, anti establishment, ............well, to this day it all depends on who you are and how you viewed the guy.

    He was an enigma in a bad wig........a really really bad wig

    His political career started as an elected sheriff in Mahoning county, a scrappy tough county, where he became a hero for accepting jail time for refusing to execute foreclosure orders after the steel mills shut down. He first faced criminal charges there for accepting bribes and racketeering but was acquitted after representing himself as his own attorney His career reached it's peak when he was elected to the House of Representatives and reached it's nadir when he was expelled from Congress in 2002 after being convicted of accepting bribes and racketeering, mostly for dipping into his campaign funds for personal use ( if only he had used the funds to buy better suits or a better toupee) and for using his federal employees for unpaid work on his farm and for tax evasion Again he acted as his own attorney thru a two month trial. Dude was a fighter.

    He was blue collar all the way, strongly against illegal immigration, a right to lifer, His efforts at getting federal funds sent back to his district were amazing tho....

    during his 7 years in prison he was said to have refused all visitors out of pride.

    He ran again for office from prison, with a platform of repealing the federal income tax, but this attempt failed, (altho he received a surprising number of votes for an incarcerated candidate) mostly I think, people saw him as an embarrassment, even when they still believed in him and his efforts to help them while in office

    Traficant died from complications from injuries sustained on his farm when a tractor rolled over onto him

    what a guy.

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    05.24.18 @ 01:38 PM
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    Default Beam Me Up..expelled congressman James TraficantJr has died

    Always like him for what he stood for . I think they all do what he went to jail for but people in high places hated him for his stances. RIP

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