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    05.16.18 @ 11:48 AM
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    Firefighter Claims Racist Treatment by Police, but.....

    Original news story;

    But, here's the police video version;

    Accusing someone of racism is a serious matter. Unfortunately, when the charge is Black against White, particularly with a cop, the media typically believes the charge regardless of any lack of evidence.

    It is rare for that false claim to be busted wide open. But that happened in Oakland, California, with a Black firefighter caught in a series of racism lies against a White officer.

    Keith Jones and his sons were walking back to their vehicle after a Raiders game when he noticed that the garage door to the fire station he works at had been left open. Mr. Jones entered the building to make sure it was secure and was exiting the open door when a police officer, who was already responding to a call about a possible burglary at that location, pulled up and told Jones and his boys to put their hands up.

    According to Jones, the officer had his hand on his gun and was in a shooting stance. Jones said he tried to let the officer see his ID, but the officer refused to let him. He said his boys were terrified that the belligerent officer would shoot their father.

    The incident ended without arrest.

    But then Jones went on the news to proclaim himself a victim of a racist cop who views black males as a threat.

    He also filed a complaint against the officer, who he said never apologized for stopping him.

    But there were two problems for Mr. Jones. Firsthe lied about the incident, and Second, the cop had it all on tape.

    Threatening and belligerent? Nope. Refused to let Jones show his ID? Nope, in fact he asked to see it almost right away. And he certainly did apologize THREE TIMES despite going by the book throughout the stop and communicating with his precinct about everything he did.

    Now, the same Jones who brazenly accused an innocent cop of racism is suddenly camera shy. He refused to appear on camera for that same news reporter, referring him to his attorney.

    Were it not for his body camera, this officer could easily have been facing serious discipline, or even the loss of his job, thanks to the phony media firestorm the liar Jones created.
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    05.19.18 @ 03:44 AM
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    What a fuckin asshole. Hopefully his kids will see that their father is the racist here. Traumatized his kids, yeah right. No doubt any trauma his kids are having is probably due to being told their whole life that a white cop will shoot them if they ever get the chance only to find out the exact opposite.

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    05.22.18 @ 01:28 AM
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    Exactly what I figured personal cameras would reveal. 90% of these "racism" charges are bogus. Maybe they're hoping for a lottery score. Hope the a-hole gets what's coming to him. Stuff like this just makes the real incidents harder to prove.
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