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    05.15.18 @ 02:01 AM
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    Default Stealth Special for CAV

    Hey VH Linkers - I have purchased a Stealth Special and I LOVE IT !! The opportunity to purchase one at a very good price game up last week and I took the plunge. I didn't need another guitar, but that's a common story around here. This place (vhforums) is guitar junky world. Gotta say, I've heard mixed reviews on the Fender Wolfgangs. I have a Peavey and I've always loved it since I purchased in 1996. The EVH Fender WG Stealth Special is awesome in my book. The guitar from soup to nuts kicks total butt. It's comfortable in every way. The neck plays like butter. Pickups are just as good if not better than my Peavey. I think the Floyd is an upgrade based upon the "collared arm" vs. the Peavey screw in arm which creaks when the arm sways back n forth. The body is is flat on the Special and the flat black color is pretty cool as well. It looks much better in person than online. I've got a crush on this guitar. It's so fun to play. The EVH Team did their homework on this line of guitars. The neck is just so comfortable. I do realize that some folks have received Fender Wolfs that have been less than satisfactory, so maybe I got lucky. My advise is to try one out. You just might love it

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    06.23.15 @ 05:07 PM
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    I know what you mean about buying guitars we don't need

    It's always a great feeling to get a new axe, especially when you love it right away.

    I go into my local GC once a week and have yet to even see a new Fender Wolf in there, let alone play one. Just today I went in and saw a purple Peavey Wolf on the wall (flame Special) and played it for nearly an hour. It played great and sounded awesome. I honestly prefer the Peavey screw in arm to the collared one, it seems sturdier to me. I'm still hoping to see a Fender Wolf in there, I'm dying to try one out, especially a Stealth. If I had the money and was buying a Wolf, it would definitely be a Stealth. They just look so awesome.

    I wish Fender would sell the red Stealth that Ed played on the recent tour.

    Sorry for rambling, anyway glad you love the Wolfgang! I know some people get a dud, but I guess you lucked out with yours!

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    01.07.16 @ 04:41 PM
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    Just sold my usa made stealth. Ive always preferred the Peavey and the flaws with the EVH line finally got to me...again(its the 3rd US made EVH wolfgang Ive had through my hands and will have been the last)
    As far as the floyd, its all preference but remember, the new EVH wolfgangs floyd is made in korea(even on the us model) with a steel block. The Peavey floyd,made by Ping, came stock with a nice brass block.



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