FedEx shooter in suicide note: 'I want to hurt people'

WARNING: Content contains vulgar and offensive language. 11Alive is releasing portions of this note in hopes that it may add some insight as to why a young man would commit such a horrible crime and to perhaps better understand mental illness.

COBB COUNTY, Ga. – Authorities in Cobb County have released the suicide note of the man who shot six people at a FedEx facility before turning the gun on himself.

On the morning of April 29, police say 19-year-old Geddy Kramer drove up to the security gate at the Kennesaw FedEx facility he worked at and shot a security guard. He then walked into the building and shot five more people. Three hours later, police found Kramer dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

In the handwritten suicide note, Kramer said the shooting was the result of a "several month snap." He said it "was the result of my own issues: mental instability, depression, frustration, sexual isolation."

CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE SUICIDE NOTE(WARNING: Letter contains disturbing material and vulgar language)

The 19-year-old accepted full responsibility for his actions, writing, "This is my own doing. I'm a sociopath. I want to hurt people."

Kramer wrote, "This was not motivated by media, music, video games…or any 1 person. This was personally and I guess to a small extent politically motivated."

Kramer wrote that he tried to get help from a therapist and illegal drugs. He also said that he made a journal detailing his attack plans.

"I had notes and reasons in my journals behind the motive for the attack. You figure it out," he wrote.

He wrote that he a paper journal and a digital journal with "plans, attack patterns and recipes for explosives" buried in different locations within a 35-mile radius of his home.

"They're exposed to the elements so you'd better hurry," he wrote.

Kramer was unapologetic for the shooting.

"I'm not sad or sorry for the misery I've caused," he wrote.

One of the pages of the letter appears to be a checklist of items that he wanted to take for his attack, including belt, machetes, shotgun, shells, gas can and lighter. Another page lists some of Kramer's favorite entertainers.

The six people shot by Kramer continue to recover. The security guard, Chris Sparkman, was the most seriously wounded. Sparkman's wife reports that he is now waking up and becoming more aware.