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    12.06.15 @ 06:04 PM
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    Default Neck Profiles EBMM

    Today I played on one of the new EBMM Albert Lee SSS guitars and I really liked the neck back profile. I am just about to order a custom neck and was wondering if anyone here knows what the profile is on it, or if it is really close to an EVH EBMM profile (Im guessing someone will know that for sure)

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    05.20.18 @ 04:42 AM
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    I doubt the Albert Lee model has the same neck as the EVH/Axis(yes, I know the Axis is slightly different. Very slightly.) Albert had his signature model way before EVH. The EVH EBMM was digitally copied from his Kramer 5150. He wanted the EBMM to feel like a broken in neck. Traditional measurements didn't include wear. In person you can see the wear on the low e side of the neck on the fret board from Ed's thumb. Perhaps Albert adopted the neck and changed his signature line. But I don't see that happening. The Kramer had a custom made neck, probably made by Paul Unkert. So it was one of a kind. Until the EBMM EVH copied it.



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