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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedi McFly View Post
    I think I’ve read that elsewhere.

    I like broken in strings too. New strings have too much presence to them. They need a day or two of playing to break in.
    I read an interview with Satriani too and he said he prefers to record with dead strings too...
    If you have nothing nice to say about Eddie Van Halen, you're at the right website. - Me (A few years ago)

    "People take Van Halen much more seriously than we do" - David Lee Roth (1980's)

    "I don't sit on the end of your bed while you're trying to make a living" - David Lee Roth (1988)

    "For some reason people love to complain about everything. The internet has made it easy for people to do that. Shut the fuck up and get a life, or show me how good you can do it."- Edward Van Halen

    "A lot of people ask me which Van Halen singer was better. You can't compare them. It's like asking which guitarist is better. Nobody is better than anybody. Every player is their own person."-Edward Van Halen

    "I do like Eddie Van Halen as a player. He gets it right quite often." -Paul McCartney

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    I picked up an Orange 15 watt solid state practice amp about a month ago for 30 bucks, and man, this little thing has tone! I'm not much into the dirt channel on it, but the clean tones are really nice - did I mention I only paid 30 bucks for it?

    I'm playing finger style all the time now rather than with a pic - doesn't lend itself to much Van Halen style playing, but my inner Mark Knopfler is digging it!



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