It always amuses me how some people now wanna make VH a part of that mid-late 80's so called "glam metal, hair metal" scene or whatever.. Sure, some of those bands took a page out of the VH book. Just like Whitesnake took a few chapters out of the Zeppelin book or Cinderella took a few outta the Aerosmith book! lol..
Those groups took many pages from Kiss, ACDC and many others. People always wanna focus on shit and talk shit. But VH was never a part of that leather, studs & makeup wearin' lookin' like drag queen scene.
In fact, they never even really toured with those people really. I think at the US Festival in 83' Motley Crue was there just starting out and played as an opener. Other than that, VH didnt take any of those bands on tour or anything and was never really a part of that even though a few of those bands came out of the same scene in LA. Especially since by 1985 Sammy was at the helm.

My buddy was looking up some site that listed Aerosmith's Touring History and we where cracking up over the fact that in the 80's, & even the 90's, Aerosmith went on tour with & played shows with- Mr. Big, Dokken, Skid Row, Jackyl, Poison, White Lion, Tesla, Whitesnake, Black n' Blue and others! They even played a gig or too with Yngwie Malmsteen!! Funny how they distance themselves from all that and never mention it in those stupid VH-1 Aerokissass specials. They never mention how glammy and spandexed out Steven Tyler was thru the 70's-80's and how Aero inspired many so called hairbands too...
And dont bitch too much about VH opening for Bon Jovi on a handful of shows in Europe back in the 90's. Back in the early 80's, at some superbowl of rock festival right here in the good ole' USA, Journey actually headlined over Aerosmith!! And Sammy Hagar, who was solo at the time, played right before Aero did... That had to hurt..