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    04.09.18 @ 06:54 PM
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    Default Help please....advice on buying a used acoustic guitar...

    A local guitar shop is selling a 1977 Guild D-25 acoustic guitar for $600. It appears to be in excellent shape and plays very well as I played in on Saturday. I was interested in buying it and was planning on picking it up today. However, before I do, I wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking anything.

    Here's where I'm hoping for a little help:

    What type of things should I look for that might bring down it's value/quality that I need to focus on during a more in-depth inspection. And what questions should I asked them about the guitar?

    I've never purchased a used guitar, only new ones. So I'm afraid of overlooking something that someone who's been through the process would notice. I don't want to get fleeced. Thanks!

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    02.28.18 @ 02:32 PM
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    First let me just say that if you love the way it sounds and feels thats all that matters, but I know what your asking and the best advice is to be sure its a 77. Some music store sales people wont know the difference from a 1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom and a 2010 Gibson Les Paul Traditional don't go by their word, unless you have history with the store and/or person. Check serial numbers, research what Guild was doing constructively in 1977 to see any inconsistencies. Also be clear about the stores return policy, if there is one etc...

    Good luck i hope you get the guitar you want...
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