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Thread: The Van Halen's

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    05.17.09 @ 06:50 AM
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    All in fun [img]smile.gif[/img]

    ED: VAL, I am thinking about calling Dave after this little gig he is doing with Sammy wraps up.

    VAL: I see, So I guess you do want a divorce after all then?

    ED: It won’t be like that honey, we just won’t talk. We will just have him sing to the
    tracks when we aren’t there and all will be good.

    VAL: You know you will just get pissed off at him again and call it quits so why even attempt it?

    ED: I think I can handle it now that I am in good shape again (crack.. gulp, gulp) besides I have all this great material just waiting.

    ED: Hello, Al

    ALEX: So did you talk with VAL about the reunion yet?

    ED: yeah, she is taking it like I figured she would but I think she will support it eventually (puff)

    ALEX: You didn’t tell her that I am broke did you? I just know she will tell one of her little angel friends and it will be all over the place, just like when Mike says something.

    ED: No I didn’t mention that but dude you have to quit getting married or you will land us all in the fucking poor house.

    ALEX: What about Mike, is he in?

    ED: Only if he doesn’t play any VH tunes with Dave or Sammy on their Geritol tour! Did you get a load of that shit they were saying on Stern? I will give them both a fucking Howdy Doody enema if they don’t shut the hell up.

    ALEX: It will be interesting to see how Dave responds to the purposed contract.

    ED: It seems pretty fucking reasonable to me, don’t speak unless you are told to and no interaction with any of us unless we are on stage. Doesn’t that seem fair?

    ALEX: I couldn’t have put it better myself.

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    VAL: Eddie tongue my pussy!!

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    12.13.11 @ 02:09 PM
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    Originally posted by Glenn Ford:
    VAL: Eddie tongue my pussy!!



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